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In Sacred 2 many graphical icons can be seen on the three different maps:

  • The circular minimap in the upper right corner.
  • The “TAB” map showing an enlarged version of your immediate surroundings. SacredWiki's World Map is made using this high resolution terrain map.
  • The GUI Map that shows the entire world.

The symbols remain the same to ensure easy navigation. The pin only works on the GUI World Map.

Player Icons

yourcharacter.gif Green arrow with yellow border - Your character

mount.gif Small green arrow with white border - Your character's mount

otherplayer.gif Grey arrow with white border- Other player in game

partymember.gif Green arrow with white border - Party member

pmountorescort.gif Small green arrow with blue border - Party member's mount

pvpplayer.gif Red arrow with red border - PvP Player Opponent

Quest Icons

There are three different colour sets of quest icons: The Main Quest (orange), Side Quests (silver), and Character Specific Quests (blue). Hint: Only one side-quest can be active at any given time, so only one arrow is shown.

goldarrow.png greyarrow.png bluearrow.png Triangular shaped icons are directional icons that will point in the direction of the active quest in game.
gold-.png grey-.png blue-.png Question marks will assume different colors based on the quest type and they are reserved for quest-giver NPC's.
gold.png grey.png blue.png Exclamation marks are typically used for NPC's who will reward you whereas circles show the quest target. Character quests are – as the name implies – character specific tasks and will be shown in character colors.
biggoldcircle.png biggreycircle.png bigbluecircle.png Circle icons follow the same colour code as the previously mentioned quest related icons. These three icons show where the player must go. The orange (main) quest is always "active" - a large circle. Active silver and blue quests are large circles, while inactive ones are smaller.

A green circle icon indicates that the quest has been completed. A red circle icon means the quest has failed.

smgreencircle.png smredcircle.png
targetenemy.png A red target shaped icon is a quest related opponent that must be defeated.
questitem.png A brown looking bag icon is a quest item icon.

Service Icons

merchant.png - Merchant

blacksmith.png - Blacksmith

runemaster.png - Runemaster

horsetrader.png - Horse Trader

specialmount.png - Special Mount Trader

captain.png - Captain

chest.png - Storage Chest

temple.png - Temple

inactiveportal.gif - Inactive Portal

monolith.png - Inactive Monolith

Transport Icons

interportal.png - Portal

activemonolith.png - Active Monolith

teleport.png - Mini Portal

captain.png - Captain

ship.png - Ship

cave.png - Cave

Opponent Icons

boss.png - Boss

champion.gif - Champion

enemy.gif - Normal Opponent

targetenemy.png - Quest target Opponent

pvpplayer.gif - PvP Player Opponent

Other Icons

escort.png - NPC Escort

graveyard.png - Graveyard (Icon not in game. This is a custom icon made specifically to mark the Map of Ancaria)

pin.gif - Map Pin