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While he was travelling to Sloeford, Marcus was attacked by some muggers. All his money and luggage were stolen, but it is not the thing that makes him sad. He is worried because his heirloom items were stolen together with all the luggage. Once he promised his father to carry these sword, shield and breastplate with pride. So now Marcus is intended to get these items back even if it would cost him the only ring the muggers didn't take.



  • Markus the Mugged is quest giver for Muggers quest, which requires you to go to the nearby woods and get his stolen family heirloom items back.


  • Markus the Mugged is one of the NPCs you can find very early in the game.
  • His quest would be among the first ones you'd complete, but since it requires to fight many enemies, it is recommended to complete some other quests before.