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riding.gif Riding

Grants the ability to ride better horses and reduces regeneration penalty while mounted (for all mounts, including special mounts). Additionally, special abilities may be unlocked.

  • Mount Combat Arts +X% (refer to table below)
  • Maximum Horse level +Y

Skill level 1 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 74 75 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 155 170 185 200
Combat Art, +%: 12,3 52,2 89,5 121 148,1 171,6 192,1 210,1 216,8 226 244 276,3 304,8 330,2 352,7 373 391,2 425,7 436,8 455,6 472,2
Run Speed, +%: - - - - - - - - - 15 16,2 18,4 20,3 22 23,5 24,8 26 27,7 29,1 30,3 31,4



  • Increases Run Speed while mounted (unlocks Run Speed skill bonus). This is the only bonus that will make mounts move faster.


  • This skill will unlock horse attributes that require Riding skill, like "Block chance (Riding)".
  • Reduces the regeneration penalty for mounting, which is displayed on the mount as "Regeneration Time of all Combat Arts +X%" (a horse with +30% regen penalty, will have only +5% penalty at higher Riding skill). This bonus is diminishing, so you get less benefit at higher levels (don't expect to hit 0% penalty). You can see a full table example of this effect here, for a mount that gives 30% regen penalty.
  • Increases the base damage of Rear Up and Charge horse Combat Arts by the "Mount Combat Arts +X%" percentage. If the horse is doing 100 damage while charging, Riding level 1 will increase that damage to 112.
  • Does not affect regeneration of Combat Arts
  • Does not affect non-horse Combat Art damage
  • There is almost no visually noticeable increase in Run Speed after attaining Riding level 75 (30% won't make you move much faster than the initial 15%). The speed bonus is adding up however, and it doesn't seem to be affected by diminishing returns.


  • Maximum Horse Level is increased by 1 or 2 at first skill level (depending on character level) starting at character level value, and by 1 for every skill point after that. It is capped at 252.
  • The Combat Art and Speed bonuses are increased in steps as shown in the Riding full table.

The Combat Art bonus at a given skill level x is given fairly precisely by the following formulas:

  • 500*(x+1.5)/(x+100) Pre-Mastery
  • 750*(x-32.5)/(x+66) Mastery

The Run Speed bonus at a given skill level x is given fairly precisely by the following formulas:

  • 50*(x-32.5)/(x+66) Mastery

The bold marked numbers are the smallest upper bounds of this progression, which will never at any skill level be exceeded.

As an example, combat art bonus at x=75: 75 is the first mastery level, so we take the mastery formula and we have

750*(75-32.5)/(75+66) = 750*42.5/141 = 226.06

This value compared with the table value is a good example of the precision the formulas offer.

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