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tacticslore.gif Tactics Lore

Increases damage dealt with equipped weapons as well as the chance for Critical Hits. Enables the use of modifications for weapon-based Combat Arts.

Skill level 1 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 74 75 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 155 170 185 200
Damage, +%: 9,8 41,7 71,5 96,9 118,5 137,3 153,6 168,1 173,5 180,8 195,1 221,1 243,8 264,2 282,2 298,3 313,1 332,5 349,5 364,5 377,7
Critical Hit, +%: 0,4 2 3,5 4,8 5,9 6,8 7,6 8,4 8,6 9 9,7 11 12,1 13,2 14,1 14,9 15,6 16,6 17,4 18,2 18,8



  • At Level 75 Tactics lore further increases the chance for Critical Hits.


  • As an aspect lore skill, Tactics Lore can unlock modification points for certain aspects' combat arts.
  • Only hard points count for modification purposes (skill bonuses don't give you modification points).

Effects on Combat Arts as an Aspect Lore Skill

Tactics Lore serves as the Lore skill for many aspects of the various character classes. The increase to damage and critical chance of Tactics Lore naturally boosts the power of any Weapon Damage Based Combat Arts within those aspects. Occassionally Spell Damage Based Combat Arts are found within these aspects - their damage and critical chance is also enhanced. Furthermore, Tactics Lore can increase other, unusual properties of combat arts within those aspects:




  • Exalted Warrior: No additional effects beyond damage and critical chance.

Shadow Warrior

Temple Guardian

Note: All Combat Arts within these aspects use weapon attack speed for their execution speed, even the spells and buffs.


  • The chance for Critical Hit depends on character level. It decreases at every level-up (the table above gives only an example, at character level 200).

The Damage bonus at a given skill level x is given fairly precisely by the following formulas:

  • 400*(x+1.5)/(x+100) Pre-Mastery
  • 600*(x-32.5)/(x+66) Mastery

The Chance for Critical Hits bonus at a given skill level x is given fairly precisely by the following formulas:

  • 20*(x+1.5)/(x+100) Pre-Mastery
  • 30*(x-32.5)/(x+66) Mastery

The bold marked numbers are the smallest upper bounds of this progression, which will never at any skill level be exceeded.

As an example, damage at x=75: 75 is the first mastery level, so we take the mastery formula and we have

600*(75-32.5)/(75+66) = 600*42.5/141 = 180.85

This value compared with the table value is a good example of the precision the formulas offer.

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