Sacred 2:The January Sales Seraphim, Part shopper, part treasure hunter, all mass-murdering goddess

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The January Sales Seraphim, Part shopper, part treasure hunter, all mass-murdering goddess

By Blokeymon

This is my first go at writing out a build, so apologies in advance if things aren't in the order they're supposed to be in....

The January Sales Seraphim

You've seen them. Just after New Years when all the stores begin their January Sales, and you see the women outside, lining up, foaming at the mouth and their soulless eyes fixed on the front door of the store. Then comes 9.00am and boom, they're off.

When the dust settles, they walk out of the store, a clump of someone else's hair in one hand, and a pair of Jimmy Choo's that cost $15 in the other.

They are shopper. They are treasure hunter. They are warrior.

Thus comes my first build for Sacred 2, one that I'm currently rocking Ancaria with right now. The January Sales Seraphim.

Primarily aimed at beginners, this is also suited to those who wish to carry on from the recommended starting difficulty of Silver and go right through to Niob, getting only the best items that money can (and even cannot) buy! While other builds tend to be geared towards exploiting as many combat arts as possible, this build only uses three - yes, THREE - combat arts, and two of those are buffs! So lets begin....

The first thing you must remember is getting new skills. Actually, you should forget it. Don't think about learning a single new skill until you are at least level 6. To do this, you'll need to hang around outside Sloeford and do a spot of grinding. If you pick up any runes, then save them for now, we'll start using them when we learn some skills.

When you get to level 6 you should head to a safe spot and open up your attributes screen. Time to learn us some skills!

Level 6 - Skill 1 - Enhanced Perception

Lets start the ball rolling with one of the most important aspects of this build. It not only enables us to start finding some great items off the bat when out in the field hacking and slashing everything that moves, its also required to open up our next skill. Immediately drop five skill points into Enhanced Perception to select our second skill...

Level 6 - Skill 2 - Bargaining

Who needs a Mastercard when you have this skill? The higher a character's bargaining skill, the better items the merchants have. So right away, we have excellent drops out in the field and an excellent selection of goodies when we go to the shops! Bonus! But what good is having superb shopping skills when our chopping skills are lacking? Well, lets move on.

Level 6 - Skill 3 - Sword Weapons

While it might not be vital to other builds, the bonuses gained from having even one point in this skill are more than helpful with this build. Swords will be the January Sales Seraphim's main method of dispatching her enemies, and with Enhanced Perception and Bargaining to assist, we're going to have some awesome blades to choose from.

Learning your combat arts

If you managed to grab yourself a bundle of runes, then you can now head off to the Runemaster to get them converted. As mentioned before you will need only these three runes, in order of importance:

Pelting Strikes Battle Stance Warding Energy

Use only one rune for each combat art and for the forseeable future, keep it that way. Also, do not assign any more skill points until you reach level 8, when it'll be time to learn a new skill.

Once you reach level 8, open up your attributes and pump 5 points into Sword Weapons and the remainder into Bargaining , and learn the next skill.

Level 8 - Skill 4 - Dual Wield

Whats more scary than a Seraphim with a really big sword? Thats right. A Seraphim with TWO really big swords. This skill speaks for itself, and will enable you to become a killing machine, especially when using Pelting Strikes. Once you have learned Dual Wield, you need never bother with the Sword Weapons skill ever again. However, we still have a little way to go before this build truly shines.

Level 12 - Skill 5 - Exalted Warrior Focus

This will not only allow you to modify your Pelting Strikes attack as well as your Battle Stance buff, but with every point you add to the Focus, the less time it will take Pelting Strikes to recharge!

Level 18 - Skill 6 - Armour Lore

More benefits and bonuses from armour. Simple, really.

Level 25 - Skill 7 - Concentration

Now you can activate your Warding Energy as well as your Battle Stance and pretty much become what you would get if you locked The A Team in a shed with a shopping troller and a tank.

Level 35 - Skill 8 - Constitution

This increases your HP and your regeneration greatly, and if you keep adding the odd point into it you'll soon become the nightmare of January Shoppers across the world.

Level 50 and 65 - Skills 9 and 10 - ???

To be honest, with the build standing as she is, I have no need whatsoever for any further skills. The points you get at level up are better put to use topping up Enhanced Perception, Dual Wield, Constitution, and if you want to boost your Pelting Strikes attack then learn a few more runes and then add skill points to keep the recharge time down to a minimun. If you always have your buffs active and your Pelting Strikes recharge time as low as possible, no enemies will get more than a couple of hits in. Of course, thats entirely up to you, but trust me when I say that, with the awesome weapons you will be able to pick up or buy, you're always going to have the upper hand on enemies.


There are a few rules that you must follow when going out and about with the January Sales Seraphim:

1. Always - ALWAYS - have Bargaining at the same level as your character. This means adding 1 point to it every time you level up.

2. To start with, any remaining points will need to go into Enhanced Perception, but eventually you can leave that skill for a few levels while you take care of some other skills, such as Dual Wield, Exalted Warrior Focus, and Constitution.

3. Carry 12 relics with you at all times - 6 with Bargaining + on them, and 6 with Enhanced Perception + on them, upgrading them whenever they increase by 1 point. Swap between them when you're out and about and before you speak to a merchant. If you combine this with using + All Skills rings/amulets and having weapons and armour with similar bonuses, you can effectively achieve a Bargaining and/or Enhanced Perception level twice that of your own character. This leads to all sorts of awesome, not to mention lightsabers. And you are dual wielding....

4. You can modify Pelting Strikes and Battle Stance however you like, but I recommend:

Pelting Strikes: Thrust/Focus/Precision This gets you more hits, less recharge and critical hits.

Battle Stance: Aggression/Drill/Retalliation This gets you stronger hits, reduces the recharge of all combat arts (including, yes, Pelting Strikes) and reflects some close-quarters attacks.

And there you have it....

The only thing you will need to worry about with this build is which stuff to equip and which stuff to sell. To give you some idea about how good this build is, by the time I hit level 50, I had over 15,000,000 gold in my purse. Whats that? Sounds about normal? Well, how about the fact I'd given 2,000,000 gold to each of my three friends who only recently bought the game and needed a starting boost, and then spent the best part of an hour shopping with a friend and his Shadow Warrior, buying him around 10 new weapons and around 30 items of armour (because his SW wasn't even getting 1 star items).

I've also had to set my auto-pickups to "2 stars or more" because I fill up my inventory in minutes, even though my total space used is 11/169, and the last time I saw a 1 star weapon or armour piece in a merchants.... well, I can't even remember!

And as for staying-alive-ability, I've got over 1800 Light Health Potions and over 1400 Health Potions, because in my left hand I'm holding a sword that leeches 30 HP with every hit, my left hand holds a sword that leeches 34 HP with every hit, and my armour and jewellery leeches another 45 HP with each hit - all bought or found - and I'm doing approx 15-20 hits per second.

She is shopper. She is treasure hunter. She is warrior.

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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