Sacred 2:The Lost Ring

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Quick Walkthrough

  • Talk to Lidwien Marvo
  • Find the ring in a nearby raided house
  • Bring the ring back to Lidwien for your reward

Detailed Walkthrough

While crossing the East-Skookemchuck river you find a lonely lady near the main road. She stops you and asks for help in order to recover a family heirloom lost during a raid to their house. Lidwien Marvo -the woman- explains that her aunt possessed the ring, but their home was buried by a dark knights attack and she lost it.


Get my ring from the ruins.

I need your help. My name is Lidwien. I come from a very rich family, but nowadays we're poor. Long ago we owned a summerhouse not far from here. It burned down during an attack by brigands and was never rebuilt again. Now I've found a letter written by my aunt. She was in the house when the brigands attacked. She lost a very valuable family heirloom - a ring - in a corner. The brigands could have missed it. Would you take a look for me?


The burned house should be easily found by following the main road to the east, not far from here.

After a while looking around, you find the heirloom below a pile of burned stuff. The house is completely destroyed, these people will have to find a new home...

Now you have the ring it's time to walk and meet again with Lidwien, so you follow the road back to west.

Lidwien is pleased of having the heirloom back with her. It seems that the ring has a high value for the family; it won't return their home back to them, but maybe it can help to make them feel better.


Thank you! That's the ring. You see the engraved three headed goose? That's the coat of arms of our family, thank you again!


Quest Enemies

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