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From The Lore of Monsters
Volume 3

How to Behave Around Dragons

They are without a doubt some of the most fascinating creatures of the world. Dragons in all their various shapes arc not only truly impressive, they are also intelligent, sentient beings. Their stature is awe-inspiring and demands respect. Dragons can measure up to 500 Ancarian cubits in length and 350 Ancarian cubits in height. It is impossible to obtain any definite information about their weight. Nobody has been able to persuade a Dragon to step on scales (well... weighing machines, they do step on other scales fairly frequently!). Several adventurers have already paid for their curiosity about a - female, no less - Dragon's weight with their lives.

Their origins as well as their motivation to settle in this universe are unknown. We do know, however, that they have found refuge on Ancaria and now they are shielded from the rest of the mundane world. They are a very rare sight, which makes it even the more important to be prepared for such encounters. Dragons are not necessarily hostile towards other creatures. Yet, they are bizarre creatures with somewhat eccentric characteristics. A seemingly insignificant remark or an unobtrusive gesture may arouse their anger. Those mistakes are usually avoidable - and more often than not lethal.

Dragons are undeniably vain, They are susceptible to flattery and compliments. On the other hand they perceive any kind of objection or criticism as a personal insult. Anyone conversing with a Dragon should bear that in mind. We highly recommend a positive choice of words! Patronizing remarks, even if they are not intended lo be condescending, should be avoided at all costs.

All Dragons naturally display an aura of arrogance. They deem themselves as generally superior. Usually, they do not regard other beings as adequate counterparts. When dealing with Dragons you should always be aware of that fact and tread carefully.

One of the biggest weaknesses of Dragons is their curiosity. They are always interested in the unknown and you might be able to use that to your advantage.

Body odor - a very sensitive subject. No matter which way you look at it, there is no denying that Dragons stink! Generally, they are surrounded by a stench of decay, sulfur and burnt flesh. You will have to be able to control your body very well in order to suppress the naturally occurring retching reflex. Still, it is essential that you do so. You should also refrain from holding your nose as that would be perceived as an insult.

Dragons feed on Humans. Many Dragons keep Humans in kennels. These poor creatures are typically not a pretty sight as they are left to vegetate in their own excrement for years. However, you should never refuse an offer of a snack, as Dragons detest rejection of their food or invitations.

Dragons expect to be treated with respect and courtesy. They do not appreciate it if you attempt to curry favor or chum up with them. Although Dragons arc certainly not Elves, they are aware of their conduct and they have adapted it for themselves.

Beltorak awoke with a start when his corporal entered the tent. He needed merely a second to be aware of his surroundings.
"Is it time yet?" he asked.
The corporal nodded.
Shortly after, the small delegation was ready to leave. Beltorak checked that the dispatch, which he was supposed to relay to the Dragon in the name of the empire, was safely tucked away in its document case and fastened to his belt. Finally, the small group began to advance up the hill.
Beltorak had not been born a diplomat. Once again he asked himself why he had been entrusted with that task. Negotiating with Dragons about small adjustments of borders was not commonplace for him. He was certain there were people better suited to that task than him.
Once they arrived at the designated meeting point, they saw the dragon who had settled on an elevated rock. He rested his head on one arm, scratched symbols into the stone with the claws of the other arm and peered intently at the group of five Elves coming up the hill, panting.
Beltorak, flanked by his corporals, look a moment to compose himself. He fumbled for his document case, opened it, took out the scroll of paper and unrolled it. He cleared his throat and then raised his voice in order to read out the government's dispatch. "Through unspeakable dangers and despite uncountable difficulties I have made my way to this castle on the outskirts of the Kobold city..."
Beltorak froze! His thoughts began to spin around while he tried to analyze the situation. Whoever was responsible for the bad joke of switching the dispatch, he would pay for it. He quickly scanned the faces of his corporals and then he spotted a faint grin on one of them. Telthoe - he should have known! He never forgave him for taking his wife away from him.
The Dragon raised an eyebrow. Despite his naturally rather limited options for facial expressions he produced a surprised look.
Beltorak's brain was working frantically. He had to improvise. Quickly! A drop of sweat trickled down from his temple while he attempted to come up with an appropriate salutation. It look only fractions of seconds to discard "my dear" or "pal" as suitable options. He was under pressure and the situation was on the verge of escalating so he decided on a desperate attempt. He drew a quick breath and began his address with a simple:
---Ancarian Heroic Sagas. Book 4

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