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sat.png The Seraphim attacks her opponent with a combination of stabbing and slashing moves. Attack will amplify the damage from weapons that are in a weapon slot. This Combat Art consists of 6 concurrent attacks if wielding one weapon, seven if wielding two, and four if wielding a two-handed weapon. The animation of Attack will be different, depending on the type of weapons in the weapon slot and will range from a slash and flip when using a weapon and shield, to a downward smash to a finale consisting of a ballet-split if wielding a long-handled weapon. The multiple attacks in a row are very useful if combined with Life Leech, as a method of maintaining health points with successful attacks. Each attack must overcome the monster's resistance, therefore the damage produced by this Combat Art can very from one hit to another within the seraphim's succession of blows.

Usage Strategies

  • Combine with life leech to form a mainstay of a melee seraphim's arsenal of weapons.
  • Can be effectively and dramatically used in a combo of four Attacks in a row. This combo set off after a Combat Jump can be particularly effective, as the seraphim will finish off one of the Attacks, and then run off to find another enemy. Be careful that the next enemy is not too far away or too close to another mob.
  • Combine with Strength of Faith to ensure that every one of the 4, 6, or 7 attacks is successful.
  • Cast Attack from a weapon slot that has weapons with a high level of Attack on them via item abilities or socketed rings. This way a seraphim can switch to the Attack weapon slot, employ a high leveled Attack, and then switch to a magical slot after to cast Celestial Light. This allows the seraphim to play a hybrid melee/magic character.

Pros and Cons


  • Substantial increase in damage..almost like having six hard hits in a row when using a single-handed weapon.
  • Excellent with combined with life leech...a constant source would be provided if the hits are successful.
  • Attack will raise the Attack Rate of the seraphim with each rune read. One rune will raise Attack Rate to +42 %


  • It can be quite difficult to balance the regeneration on this Combat Art as it starts off with a negative to your damage and each increase of this CA will add more time for the Attack to regenerate. Best to use socketed Attack runes or rings or items with Attack already on it which results in a regeneration of only 1/3 normal time.
  • Each hit in a series of six hits, for example, must land successfully. A good Attack Rate would be needed to ensure a successful hit. Use Strength of Faith or a Lore to increase the Rate.
  • The Attack speed of this Combat Art at level one is very slow. A lore or items that would increase attack speed would help greatly with this.