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  • Quest Giver: Dr. Albert Mundane
  • Location(s): Bravesbury
  • Prerequisite Quest:
  • Next Quest:
  • Reward:

Quick Walkthrough

Talk to Dr. Albert Mundane
Pick up the book in the north-west building
Return to Dr. Albert Mundane

Detailed Walkthrough

In the east part of Bravesbury resides Dr. Albert Mundane, who want to become a shoemaker and fast. To do so he needs a rare book called Shoemaker’s Basics.


Fetch me the "Shoemaker’s Basics".
Greetings! I have had the rather brilliant idea to start a pick-up and delivery service for shoe repairs. My motto is "Have you got problems with your shoe – Mundane will come and rescue you." Sounds good, don’t you think? However, before I can set up my business I require the "Shoemaker’s Basics", which is a very rare and valuable book. Might you be able to acquire a copy for me?


If you talk to him again after accepting the quest:


Did you find the "Shoemaker’s Basics" yet? I can hardly wait to put my business plan into action.


Conveniently enough it is located in the nearby building on the northwest side of town. No idea why he can’t get it himself, it’s just lying there on the floor.

Return to the good doctor and give him the book.


There it is! Let me take a quick look at it. Hmm… oh no! Oh dear… I need training to become a shoemaker? How so? Why? I wanted to become rich quickly…


Logbook Entry

th_shoemakers.jpg th_shoemakers2.jpg


Alternative description on Wolfe's Lair