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k_wolfcall.png A vampire wolf appears as a companion.

v_wolfcall.png A vampire wolf appears as a companion.

Usage Strategies

Wolf creature level is based on character's level, and time of day. The wolf is stronger at night, where it gets BaseValue + 3*Wolf Call level. During the day, the wolf companion will be BaseValue + 2.5 *Wolf Call level. BaseValue is 33% to 40% (roughly) of character level.

Note: The vampire wolf companions level will be compared against it's opponent for determining xp gained. If your wolf is vastly higher in level than it's prey, you'll only get 1 xp per kill. If the levels are roughly equal, you'll get normal xp.

It does not matter which form (knight or vampiress) you summon the wolf companion in. Summoned after 5:20 AM it will a lesser wolf, summoned after 8:20 it will be a greater wolf.

Socketed versus read runes make no difference in the level calculation for the Wolf Companion.

Attributes do not affect the Wolf Companion's level either. Only character level and levels of Wolf Call (however gained).

Example: At level 95 of the CA (with a level 107 Vampiress) the daytime Wolf level is 279, and it is 327 at night. Thus, the level is too high for Platinum play.

Meat Shield Type 1.

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