Sacred 2:Abishai of Dissension

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Damage Types:

Weakest Against:

Quest:Eye to Eye

Quest Location: Abishai Stronghold in Cursed Forest

The Abishai's Combat Arts

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The image to the right outlines the different powers that the Abishai has at it's disposal

  • Gust of Wind - A very powerful ranged attack that can, on some occasions, one hit kill
  • Summon Seekers - Summons 4 Seekers that will chase you and explode upon impact
  • Bloody Mist - Causes moderate damage (damage type unknown)
  • Mana Trap - Will cause your Combat Arts to require more regeneration and possible interrupt your Combat Arts
  • Disregard Trap - Causes a high amount of damage that ignores your elemental resistances
  • Leech Trap - Will transfer some of your health to the Abishai
  • Debuff Trap - Will remove one of your buffs
  • Poison Trap - Causes very high poison damage
  • Blind Trap - Reduces Chance to Hit for a period of time