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Alexander Conde is one of the Ascaron employees that have to be contacted in the Epic Office Quest. He can be found on the lower of two islands, below Na'Fian, in the Western Jungle Region.


  • Alexander Conde can be located on an island south of Na'Fian
  • In order to find Alexander Conde you need to complete The Boathouse quest. To get that quest follow the coast north of Na'Fian until you find a man with a question mark. After you complete the quest, take the small portal to the northern island off the coast. Go south until you reach a cave at end of island. Go through the cave and continue south until you reach Alexander. He is right next to return portal. You also come accross the Earthlord quest while traveling to visit this employee.
  • Locate Alexander Conde on the Ancaria Interactive Map



  • Alexander Conde is one of the Ascaron employees that are scattered throughout Ancaria.