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In Ancestral Chamber you can find the below services. See Map Icons:


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From the portal at Dyr-Laigh, head south navigating through the bridges and portals until you reach the bridge spanning a chasm. South of the bridge you'll find Mekilas.

Ancestral Chamber

The Ancestral Chamber is a dungeon located in southern Logaeiar in the Dyr Lain (Dryad Island) region. Since this dungeon is closely intertwined with the The Ancestors Chambers chain quest. I highly recommend visiting this quest page.

Since this is such a huge place I've organized the page into 5 separate mini-sections, in the order in which you will visit and unlock each dungeon. One for each area: Ancestral Chamber, Crypt Wing, Garden, Prison Wing and finally, the Sect Leader's Dormitory.

The Missing Girl

Our journey starts once we cross the bridge that separates Dyr-Laigh and Logaeiar. On the south side of the bridge you will meet Mekilas. Accepting his quest starts the The Ancestors Chambers chain quest. The first part of this chain quest is called The Missing Girl.

His daughter went missing awhile ago, and his wife, while searching for their daughter has also disappeared. He's worried that a cult calling itself the "Shadows of Life" may have abducted both his daughter and wife. Once you accept the quest, the quest marker will show you that you have to head south below the Temple of the Gods. (Don't forget to click on the Temple altar if you're trying to get the Polytheist Achievement).

As you head south you'll find a small path (can be hard to find) leading further south to a dungeon entrance. Outside the entrance you'll meet Mekilas' wife, Timune. At least we know she is safe. Talking to Timune completes The Missing Girl sub-quest. Speaking to Timune a second time begins The Thief sub-quest.

The Thief

Timune asks you to go inside and find a thief that has successfully infiltrated the cult hide out. Once inside the Ancestral Chamber, follow the quest marker until you find the thief, Figmiyen. You find out she has some information about the dungeon and the cult. Speaking to her completes The Thief sub-quest and begins the The Ancestors Chambers sub-quest. At this point all the doors to the other areas are locked. Only by progressing though this chain quest will you be able to enter the Crypt, Prison Wing, Garden and Sect Leader's Dormitory.

The Ancestor's Chambers

Figmiyen has the key to the west wing (The Crypt) but won't hand it over quite yet. In order to get the key, she wants you to retrieve a ring first. Unfortunately the person wearing it right now doesn't want to give it up. Looks like time for a fight with Warlady Darwagon and her Pet Lion. You'll find Darwagon in the same room as the thief. Just head down the stairs to the end of the room and up onto the dais. Defeat Darwagon and her pet, grab the ring and head back to Figmiyen. Returning the ring to the thief completes The Ancestors Chambers. Speaking to her again starts the The Crypt Wing sub-quest further down on this page.

Note: You do not have to kill Darwagon's Pet to retrieve the ring, but do you really want a big angry lion gnawing at your backside?

Ancestral Chamber Quest NPC's

Ancestral Chamber Enemies

Ancestral Chamber Photos

Sacrificial Pit
Bridge Leading Down
Ker Statue
Looking Over a Lake
Strange Blue Light
On to the Last Room
Last Room, Lower Section
Dungeon Entrance

The Crypt Wing

The Crypt Wing is located to the west of where Figmiyen is found. Head west along the mezzanine and you'll find a door in a small side hallway. The Crypt is full of ghosts and undead, even cult followers avoid this area. When you first go down into the Crypt, you may notice a closed door on the right. If you mouse over the door it will say "Garden" but it's locked. You'll have to go through the entire Crypt dungeon and Garden to unlock this door.

The Crypt Wing

After completing the The Ancestors Chambers sub-quest, Figmiyen sends you on yet another sub-quest called The Crypt Wing. She wants you to bring back a pendant worn by Ghost Conjuror Equantius. While you're getting the pendant she is going to try and find the key to the east wing. The Crypt is west of Figmiyen on the upper level of the room. Inside the Crypt you'll encounter lots of Undead and Ghosts, and even some Scarabs and Mummies! Wend your through the crypt and eventually you'll reach the door to the Garden.

Note: The Crypt Wing sub-quest continues below in the Garden section.

The Crypt Quest NPC's

The Crypt Wing Enemies

The Crypt Wing Photos

Crypt Entrance
Gargoyle Bridge
Row of Statues
Bridge Over Undead Pit
Stairs up to the Garden

The Garden

The Crypt Wing (cont.)

Wend your through the crypt and eventually you'll reach the door to the Garden. Even though the Garden is underground, somehow there is plenty of light and the area is lush and green. Don't forget to visit the Temple of the Gods if you're going after the Polytheist Achievement. This is probably the most difficult Temple to find and get to.

Follow the path downwards and you'll encounter Ghost Conjuror Equantius and his servants. Defeat the bad guys and pick up the pendant. A previously locked door at the bottom of the Garden will now unlock and you can exit the garden here.

Remember that locked door earlier in Crypt dungeon? This is where you come out. The exit back to the main room is only a short distance away. Sure beats back-tracking all the way though the Crypt. Head out of the Crypt and back to Figmiyen. Speaking with her and giving her the pendant completes the The Crypt Wing sub-quest. After talking to her again, she hands over the east wing key, and that initiates the The Prison Wing sub-quest.

The Garden Quest NPC's

The Garden Enemies

The Garden Photos

Into the Garden
Temple of the Gods
Garden Bridge and Falls
Finding Equantius

The Prison Wing

The Prison Wing is where the cult's prisoners are taken. It is an ominous dungeon filled with implements of torture and the sobs of men and women doomed to the knife. The area is heavily guarded by Dryad cult members meant to keep the curious away. This is also the only spot where you will find the aptly named Tormentors. The dungeon master Mazzagon is also rumored to have gone insane. Think it's about time the Shadows of Life cult went out of business.

The Prison Wing

After accepting the The Prison Wing sub-quest head east along the mezzanine and unlock the Prison door with the key Figmiyen just gave you. As you go through the dungeon you'll come across the Main Hall but the door is locked. Head off to your left and find the dungeon master's secretary. You'll find Secretary Dygini in the second of two rooms. Seems he thinks the dungeon master would be better off dead also. He has no qualms handing over the key to the Main Hall. Go back and unlock the door, but be ready for a battle. Mazzagon and his Bodyguards are waiting for you. After defeating the dungeon master, pick up the key and head back to Figmiyen to complete the The Prison Wing sub-quest.

The Prison Wing Quest NPC's

The Prison Wing Enemies

The Prison Wing Photos

Prison Wing Entrance
Torture Room View #1
Torture Room View #2
Torture Victim
Zombies !
Secretary's Room
Main Hall Entrance
Inside the Main Hall
Dragon Statue

The Sect Leader's Dormitory

This is the last dungeon in the Ancestral Chamber complex (phew). Timune's and Mekilas' daughter must be in there. Novices have heard rumors about a powerful sorcerer named Mankaul who for relaxation likes to turn himself into a demon! Looks like another big battle. Once Mankaul is gone, maybe finally we can put an end to the Shadows of Life cult once and for all.

The Last Room

Once you've handed over Mazzagon's amulet to Figmiyen she'll send you off on the last part of your journey through the Ancestral Chamber dungeons. Once you get the key for the Dormitory, head back to where you fought Warlady Darwagon. You might have seen a locked door nearby. Well this key will open it (it's the last locked door in the whole dungeon). This dungeon consists of only one room. Sorceror Mankaul and his Servants are waiting for you. Fortunately no one will attack until you speak with Mankaul. Once you've listened to what he has to say,( he is not happy to see you), he and his lackeys will attack. Defeat them, grab the loot and starting heading back out of the Main Hall.

As you turn to leave you'll see Mekilas' and Timune's daughter Gilminga waiting for you along with a sorcerer. She explains why she originally sought out the cult but understands now that she was deceived. Curiously, even after all she's been through she wants to explore the cave for treasure. Speaking with Gilminga completes The Last Room sub-quest.


This is the last sub-quest to do. You only need to speak with the sorcerer and he'll teleport you out of the dungeon and next to Timune. Speak to Timune to complete the The Ancestors Chambers chain quest and get your well deserved reward.

The Sect Leader's Dormitory Quest NPC's

The Sect Leader's Dormitory Enemies

There are only quest related enemies here. (See Sect Leader's Dormitory Quest NPC's)

The Sect Leader's Dormitory Photos

Dormitory Entrance
Into the Dormitory
Mankaul and his Servants
Another View of the Dormitory