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Asar, my Utility Temple Guardian Guide

By Immali

The idea behind an utility Temple Guardian came in my mind when i realized how important socketing was in the game. Well, you have so many good items that are there waiting to be enhanced and it took me some time before I recognized their value….but finally I saw the light!!! So I looked at all the characters available and was thinking about an Inquisitor….i’ve read about their power and the ability to have Bargain and Blacksmith. But I then noticed that, having a character able to buy incredible things and not having uniques or set to be smithed was a real shame. So the Temple Guardian seemed a good choice. Never played one but looking good. Now my Asar is level 140, reached niobium and fulfilled his duties perfectly. Especially the fun one!! I entered niobium last week but, after some thinking, it seems a good thing to share my thoughts with you because this is a really nice build, funny to play and very useful for your future characters. My deity was Testa. Not very important. All my point points went to strength. It gives betters attack bonus and higher damage.

Now to skill selection:

1- Blacksmith

2- Enhanced Perception

3- Bargaining

4- Devout Guardian Focus

5- Tactic Lore

6- Concentration

7- Warding Energy Lore

8- Armor Lore

9- Constitution

10- Sword Lore

This is how I picked the skills. If I had to rebuild him, I’d take Sword Lore at 9 only to kill faster for a few more levels. My buffs were T-Energy Shroud (power, recharge, reflection) and Battle Aura (barricade, riposte, permanent). My only attack was a sword (left click) with the Battle Extension passive bonus for double hit. This way I didn’t have to worry about casting times and buffs levels (always at max). One important notice is about the mount…the wonderful Mobiculum: it will be your best friend!! The choice is very important and I suggest taking the neutral one, the one that gives a bonus to shield recharging….later on it will be incredible. I’ve kept Enhanced Perception and Bargaining at level until 75 then only Bragaining. I’ve put points in tactics lore and Devout Focus to mod both the buffs. Then pumped Consitution to gain the mastery bonus at level 75. It is very important to socket +all skills in every socket available and have 3 pieces of two sets of your choice in order to gain the +all skills bonus there. One of the goal of this build is to find, so having EP maxed at all times is very important. It was incredible when, at level 65 I’ve put one point in sword lore and my attack went from 100% (was a little more from items) to 150%!!! In a single click!! Same goes for Armor Lore and WEL. At level 75 I started pumping Blacksmith to level 75 in order to gain mastery. I mentioned earlier about the fun part of this build. I’ll explain better. With Asar I was able to kill, not super fast but good enough, and then I explored the world a bit, searching for chests. When tired Asar looked for shops and items. In cities there were happy chest opening all the time!!! I think I’ve enjoyed a lot of the things the developers had in mind when making the Temple Guardian. I’ve stopped him at level 140 because I never played niobium. But I had only one red health message before 140, when surrounded by demons in wastelands. If you put some rings with evade chance you’ll become even more powerful. The energy shield is great, the passive double attack from Battle extension is wonderful, the fun of playing Asar was priceless 1smile.gif

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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