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Aspect Focus

Aspect Focus skills enhance the Combat Arts within their respective Aspects. Each character has 3 Aspect Focus skills - 1 for each Aspect. Following is a complete list of all Aspect Focus skills:

Dragon Mage: Dryad: High Elf: Inquisitor:
Seraphim: Shadow Warrior: Temple Guardian:

All Aspect Focus skills offer identical bonuses:

Skill level 1 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 74 75 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 155 170 185 200
Regeneration -%: 9 29,4 41,7 49,2 54,2 57,8 60,5 62,7 63,4 64,3 66,1 68,8 70,9 72,5 73,8 74,8 75,7 76,8 77,7 78,4 79



  • Further decreases regeneration time.
  • Spell levels are raised even higher without penalty.


See also: Sacred 2:Highest Combat Art Level Without Penalty
  • Only hard points count for modification purposes (skill bonuses don't give you modification points).
  • Highest Spell Level Without Penalty is the level you can go to in a combat art without starting to get partial benefits from the CA, but full penalties. You can tell when you've reached the limit because your level in the CA after you read a rune will have a decimal point, i.e. 6.0, 7.2, etc.
  • Highest Spell Level Without Penalty depends on character level as well as on the Focus Level. It increases at every level-up or when you put more points into Focus (for example, it is 98 at character/skill level 200).


The Regeneration time bonus at a given skill level x is given fairly precisely by the following formulas:

  • 80.0*(x+1.50)/(x+21.25) Pre-Mastery
  • 85.6*(x-32.9)/(x-19.0) Mastery

As an example, regeneration at x=75: 75 is the first mastery level, so we take the mastery formula and we have

85.6*(75-32.9)/(75-19) = 85.6*42.1/56 = 64.35

This value compared with the table value is a good example of the precision the formulas offer.

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