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Benny Kayser is one of the Ascaron employees that have to be contacted in the Epic Office Quest. He can be found in a Fortress located in the southern part of The Swamp region.




  • Benny Kayser is one of the Ascaron employees that are scattered throughout Ancaria.
  • See his site featuring his works @ VoodooBenshee
  • Online nick name is VoodooBenshee

Benny Kayser was a Level Designer for Ascaron Entertainment GmbH's game titles Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel (PC, PS3, XBOX360) and Sacred 2 - Ice and Blood (AddOn) (PC). His responsibilities were Level Design for dungeons, quest locations, boss areas and filling parts of the world with environment stuff. Also a variety of tasks like defining enemy spawnpoints, gameplay testing, bug fixing, polishing and finalizing parts of the Sacred 2 world with fx and lighting.

Benny Kayser in game NPC takes part in the Epic Office Quest and is notable among the many NPC's in the quest because his NPC always drops the set item Benny's Promise. A set item that is part of the set that any class can wear called Kayser's Luck. You need to complete this quest to get the other ring that completes the set.

Note: An alternate photo of Benny Kayser has been provided, which is indicative of his brilliant sense of humor.