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A value used by energy shields. This value directly improves the damage mitigation ability of an energy shield. increasing it reduces the amount of damage that the player takes.

Damage absorbtion (Block Warding Energy) reduces the damage taken (after resistances are applied, but before the damage is applied to the shield, or player health), it's static, though it can be increased by increased Combat Art levels, CA modification and the skill Warding Energy Lore (Tactics Lore for T-Energy Shroud). The damage absorbtion provided by the shield is a flat value and is absolute. There is hidden modifier (1,1) for this value, this means that if the damage mitigation provided by a shield is 264, then the shield will mitigate 264*1.1 = 290 points of damage.


Build-in Damage over time can not be absorbed (but DoT, caused by Secondary Damage Effects, can be partially or fully reduced).

Life leeched per hit & Leech life from opponents damage types can not be absorbed. Some effects that directly reduce player hit point total, e.g. the Garganthropod's weaken attack, may still decrease player health points despite the presence of the shield.

The periodic damage of a Detrimental Magic Effect is directly proportional to the inflicted damage that caused the effect. Absorbing part of incoming damage, shields also absorb % of incoming Damage Over Time, caused by Detrimental Magic Effect.

For great armor values & Damage mitigation shields can absorb all incoming damage and make your character practically invincible.

Critical hits penetrate the shield better than normal hits (exactly like the armor), because initial damage value is multiplied by 1.2. For example 1000 - 400 = 600, and 1000 * 1.2 - 400 = 800. Increased the base damage by 20%, and the resulting damage increased by 33%.