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This patch is now obsolete since czevak's release of the Community Patch which provides everything this patch does and more!

Christmas Island - Reloaded! is a patch made for Ice & Blood version 2.65 and is a Fan made patch by a member named Czevak who frequents the German Sacred Forum. The patch will re-implement a very popular quest called "Can Christmas Still be Saved" which was introduced into Sacred 2 with patch 2.34 and later removed with patch 2.40.

Quote from DarkMatters by Czevak:


I'm czevak, a moderator from the german official Sacred 2 Forum. We were able to recode the XMAS-Land from version 2.34 into Ice & Blood v2.65.1. My modification should work for SP, LAN and Open Net (XMAS enabled server needed to join, or open your own). There are two files in the zip-archive: xmas-enable.exe to install the modification and xmas-disable.exe to revert to original v2.65.1 (to be able to play closed again).

Disclaimer (just to be on the safe side): I am not responsible for any damage to files, characters oder equipment, that may arise from using this unofficial modification.

The zip file contains two Patches. The one (xmas-enable.exe) activates the Christmas Island quests in Sacred 2 Ice & Blood v.2.65.1 (and incidentally some changes to the map of the island), the other is the original state v.2.65.1 Restore (for those who want to play in Closed again).


  • Since the dragon mage was implemented only after v.2.34, he will be able to play through the quest line through to the end but there is no XMAS set for him as a reward from. Instead, he receives the set of the shadow warrior, which has been adjusted so that he can attract. (The cap keeps ready a little surprise.)
  • The patch is compatible with my Chatbug patch, since the Xmas-patch does not rely on the Sacred2.exe.
  • The quest line in Artamark's gate, which usually leads to the island could be affected by the changes on the island map. We are sure to 99%, that this quest line with durchspielbar Xmas extension is (among other things have been added cleanup scripts that provide after clearing the mess that it as unobtrusive as possible), but recommend that before starting the quest, simply to remove the Magic of Christmas . (Better safe than sorry ...)

How-To perform: simple and be happy. The patcher will detect the installation path for Sacred 2, check the current version and patch if everything fits.

Also note here again gibts Legal considerations: Important: This patch is a private product from me for the community. The users are using this patch at your own risk. There is no official support for this modification. Neither I nor Deep Silver / Koch Media assume responsibility or liability for any damage, or physical changes to files that could) (caused by the use of the patch. Nor do I take or Deep Silver / Koch Media's liability or responsibility in an account ban or loss of a chars if this unofficial patch.

Very special thanks I would like to! Cherubim! and test for omlamm's zealous and active support for the little problems. Without you I would not probably get it done before Christmas. Thank you!

So! Now I wish you, on behalf of the entire Forum team a lot of fun and a blessed Christmas.

Seasons Greetings from Germany,


Download Christmas Island - Reloaded!