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In Ice and Blood expansion, on the Crystal Plains, when a player reaches the southern outpost of the seraphim, they may take up a quest named Green Crystals, which prompts them to locate a malfunctioned Seraphim device, the Crystal Collector.

The Crystal Collector is located at the edge of the map, west of the outpost:

Players of the Command and Conquer game, will notice that the Crystal Collector bears a very close resemblance to the Tiberium Harvester MK I, which is found in Command and Conquer 1: Tiberian Dawn.

The green crystals, as well, bear a striking resemblance to a tiberium field:

The green crystals quest references a jammed collector's almost-drunken path finding for the tiberium harvesters that soon became famous for getting stuck against an obstacle, or, at worst,ending up in the middle of the enemy base.

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