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In Dragon Mage Island you can find the below services. See Map Icons:


Southern seas of Ancaria wash upon the shores of this mysterious island. Only those who are welcomed by dragons can walk its ground. This is the place where Dragon Mages live during their training. This is the place where dragons live in peace with their pupils. This is the place where wild animals are not scared of humans and elves nor hostile to them. No wonder the world outside this place would seem strange and unfamiliar to the Dragon Mage when his training would be finished and he would leave the island. At least for the first time.

This is where the Dragon Mage enters the game world.

Locate Dragon Mage Island on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's

  • Captain: Involved in the Dragon Mage single player Main Campaign.
  • Gemblik, Fellow Student: Quest giver for the Dragon Mage single player Main Campaign.
  • Orphas: Involved in the Dragon Mage single player Main Campaign. Also is a quest giver for A Second Task, the first part of the Dragon Mage's character specific chain-quest (his blue chain).


Only a Dragon Mage can visit this place, and only in the beginning of his single player Main Campaign.

To get out of the Dragon Mage Island you have to talk to all the quest NPCs and then step into a small one-way portal.


There are no enemies in this peaceful place. You can find some animals here, yet they are friendly to you. Do not expect such a behavior from these types of creatures later in game though.

Interesting Photos

The starting location
The captain and his portal
A small camp

The beach
Lake with a waterfall
View from a hill

A little dragon
A big dragon (Orphas)