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In the last few days, all the local farmers were worried by disappearance of several cows and sheep. Even a little girl is missing from the village... So Farmer Walcott hired you to investigate this case. But when you arrived to the scene, you've found only dead bodies of a cow, a girl and an old mage... And one more body that was a bit less dead than all the others. Looks like this zombie killed all the others you've found. And more to come, he definitely considers you his dinner.



An Enemy

  • This zombie must be killed in order to complete the Books, Cows and Virgins quest (and in order not to become his dinner). That is an enemy he would become:

Damage Types:

Weakest Against:

Quest:Books, Cows and Virgins

Quest Location: Sloeford in Tyr Lysia


  • Festering Zombie appears only after you accept the quest he is involved in.
  • The house he is in is near the Temple Ruins, but the quickest way to get there is exiting Sloeford towards the east.