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In Girvym you can find the below services. See Map Icons:




Girvym is a small island off the east coast of Dyr Lain in the Jade Sea. On the surface the island seems peaceful enough. But all the action is underground thru a fairly nondescript cave entrance. Make sure you got lots of potions before heading into the cave. The cave is huge and a myriad of enemies await you including the Gyrvim Island Dragon.

Locate Girvym on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's


From the Dyr-Laigh portal head south along the path until you reach the Brigand Camp. Then head east til you reach the shoreline and then south again along the beach. You'll find some shallows that go east over to the island of Girvym.

From Aerendyr head northeast over the the 2 bridges and then head east. Once you reach the shoreline head north along the coast. You'll find some shallows that go east over to the island of Girvym.


Island (above ground enemies): Jungle Cats, Snappers and all types of Plant enemies

Cave enemies (there's lots of them): Ghouls, Jungle Cats, Snappers, Ghost Wolves, Fen Fires, Fire Elementals, Brown and Black Bears, Vampire Bats, all types of Blood Dryads, Young Dragons and last but not least the Gyrvim Island Dragon (phew)

Interesting Photos

Cave Entrance
Island House
Cave View #1
Cave View #2
Cave View #3
Cave View #4
Girvym Dragon
Exit Portal Behind Dragon