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of the Huntress

Welcome my dear sister. If you are holding this guidebook in your hands, your time to hunt on this plane and to prove your hunting prowess has come again. And even if you already know this guidebook by heart, read it again! It's for your own safety. It is also mandatory.

The Origin of the Crystal Plane

After the Creator banished us to this world, we managed to keep the warlike races of the world in check for a long time, and we hoped that he would welcome us back with open arms. Over the years, though, we began to become negligent and - admittedly - somewhat bored. Thus, we weren't sufficiently prepared when the Great Dragon War broke out and were almost wiped off the face of the world.

That taught us a lesson. To prevent another such failure, Sophia has created a new hunting ground as a challenge every young Seraphim has to face at intervals. The Crystal Plane.

the Crystal Plane

Once upon a time, the Crystal Plane was a largely uninhabited territory where only wild animals and a very few retreats for elementals existed. After Sophia was finished using our T-Energy to rework the territory nothing was as it had once been anymore. No greenery, no flowers, no lake - only ice and crystals. And this is how the Crystal Plane is today: An inhospitable and barren region where no natural life exists. Frosted trees, frozen rivers, ice crystals and biting cold do not encourage anyone to linger.

But that isn't the worst of it. A hunting ground needs prey, and the kind of prey Sophia banished to the Crystal Plane differs a lot from the usual game. Where once lived wolves and boars, trolls and elementals, the T-Energy turned them into soulless and powerful crystalline creatures that are formidable enemies even for Seraphim.

The Crystal Plane is inhabited by three different groups of creatures: The Ten-An, the Cin and the In-Lar. They were created and settled there, specifically for our purpose. Occasionally, other creatures wander about the Crystal Plane, but their chances for survival in this barren world are pretty slim. Still, it is an interesting diversion to quick-heat the odd orc and see it shatter. This will take an average of 27.2 seconds using a Pillar of Light...but I digress. It is possible to encounter other creatures here, but they won't survive for long.

The Task

It is common knowledge that the purpose of the task is not only combat training but also the claim to the title 'Queen of the Hunt'. The title will be awarded at the end of the hunting season - which is one year - to the huntress with the highest score. Therefore, you must take care to properly register at the counting stations. Your achievements must be confirmed by a second sister or they won't count. Irregularities will be punished with a one-year stay at the convent at Sloeford (yes, with the High Elves).

Good hunting, Huntress! The Crystal Plane awaits

The Fauna of the Crystal Plane

The Ten-An

The creatures newly created by us to inhabit the Crystal Plane are distinguished into three groups. This chapter describes the Ten-An.

The term Ten-An is the generic term for non-crystallized mutants that can be found in the first regions of the Crystal Plane. Their pronounced hunting instinct and a total lack of fear are characteristic for those creatures. Each Ten-An has its own way to keep prey from escaping. While some possess outstanding speed which makes flight almost impossible, others use their poison to slowly weaken and kill their victims. The following creatures are found among the Ten-An


Basically, they are soft trolls. Stupid and strong and perfect foot warmers.


Their lupine ancestry is almost indiscernible. T-Energy made them tougher and more dangerous and the crystalline armor on their backs provides protection. Like their natural counterparts, they usually roam in packs.


Once, Felon were black panthers - quick and deadly hunters. Today, they have become our prey. A lone Felon is not a great danger, but more often than not, they accompany Saxenor, which is a deadly mix.


When Sophia released the T-Energy in the region which is known today as the Crystal Plane, bears, the lords of the woods, mutated into the formidable Ursaron. Watch out, huntress! A bear is dangerous, but compared to an Ursaron with its protective armour and formidable tusks, it is nothing but a cuddly teddy bear.

The Fauna of the Crystal Plane

The Cin

The creatures newly created by us to inhabit the Crystal Plane are distinguished into three groups. This chapter describes the Cin.

The term Cin categorizes all crystalline mutations. They need the cold of the Crystal Plane to survive and to defeat their opponents. It is said that the purer the Cin's structure, the stronger the frostiness within them. Some even radiate enough cold to freeze an enemy by their mere proximity. The following creatures are found among the Cin:


How does the saying go? No true hunt without a truly big spider! This specimen is something very special, though; they underwent a complete mutation and rumor has it that Sophia fought her own arachnophobia hunting that prey. So, don't be afraid of these little creepy-crawlies!


Lugalacin are merciless. These crystal wolves often roam in packs and hunt their prey until it lies defeated. There's one advantage though: The so inclined huntress needs not hunt down her prey, since she becomes the one being hunted.


Percalacin also roam the expans of the Crystal Plane. In former times, they simply were boars wandering happily about the woods. Today, they are icy cold crystalline creatures that do battle against the Seraphim. But who is afraid of a transparent pig?


While Ursaron lurk in the first regions of the Crystal Plane, the Ursacins live deep in its heart. Compared to the Ursaron, Ursacin are fully mutated and therefore decidedly more dangerous and quite a challenge. A Queen of the Hunt should be prepared to hunt more than one of these crystalline beasts.


Sadly, the region which has been turned into our hunting ground was not wholly unpopulated. It seems there had been a few small villages inhabited by High Elves. But it is how they say: Sometimes you have to weigh necessity against cost. In this case, the cost was obviously worth it. In short: The Hucin once were elves that were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Now they add to our hunting experience.


In the places where the elves lived, they had graveyards. Inhabited by corpses. Corpses and T-Energy make Skelacin. Skelacin are not unlike reanimated skeletons with one significant difference: They shine a lot prettier in the evening sun when you hack them to pieces.


The Phylitos plant is a somewhat bizarre opponent. Well, it isn't a real plant anymore, but it proves that Sophia also thought about the small things in life. Once a 9 feet crystalline plant has descended upon you, you will view potted plants in a completely new light.

The Fauna of the Crystal Plane

The In-Lar

The creatures newly created by us to inhabit the Crystal Plane are distinguished into three groups. This chapter describes the In-Lar.

The In-Lar are not mutants but where settled here by us in order to 'add zest' to the hunt. The Saxenor and the Dracolin fall under this category. Both creatures are perfectly adapted to the freezing cold in the region. In addition, you will also find frozen T-Energy in the form of Lithos.


These creatures emerged from elementals. They are tough and powerful but should not pose much of a problem to a Seraphim - after all, we play with elementals on a daily basis. Admittedly, though, this is only true for the smaller ones. Larger Saxenor are often in the company of a pack of Felon and this team can pose problems even for one of us.


The Dracolin is a sub-species of the dragonfly. It is extremely quick and aggressive. This is where you can prove that you learned your lessons well, because these creatures don't bear the name 'dragon' for nothing.


On the Crystal Plane, the term Lithos represents pure T-Energy that manifested in crystals. Therefore, it should be self-explanatory why a confrontation with a Lithos is rather unpleasant.

The Fauna of the Crystal Plane

Extraordinary Creatures

A good hunting ground needs two things: A sufficient number of prey and a special challenge.

In this case, we actually have two challenges:

Scaron, the sovereign over the Island of Thousand Paths

A true Queen of the Hunt has to defeat Scaron at least once. Scaron reigns over the 'Island of Thousand Paths' which lies at the heart of the Crystal Plane. Scaron will defend this area at all costs, so you better prepare for a battle that will push you to the limit. My advice: Watch the eggs Scaron protects!

Narmuel the Frost Phoenix

Sophia created this enormous phoenix with the help of us all. It is the ultimate challenge for every Seraphim. The name of the one who defeats this mighty creature will be honored and praised for generations. Be warned, though: If you decide to rise to this challenge, your eternal life might come to a sudden end. Even Sophia herself could not defeat the Frost Phoenix and only escaped through luck and with grave injuries. Any other Seraphim that tried to defeat Narmuel lost her life and now serves as a gruesome statue in his ice museum. You will understand once you see it with your own eyes...

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