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This soldier served in the small fort in northern Tyr Lysia. One day, when his fort was attacked by Kobolds, he was one of the soldiers who were left to defend the outpost. Maybe he was wery reckless or just weak... either way, he ended up being wounded and lying on the ground. Even his brothers-in-arms considered him dead and left on the battlefield when the battle was over. So he is still lying among the dead bodies and slowly dying from blood loss...



An Enemy

  • In the end of the From Cold Dead Hands quest, you'd have to fight Injured Soldier. That is an enemy he would become:

Damage Types:

  • physical.jpg Physical
  • He is completely passive. He would not fight even when attacked.

Weakest Against:

Quest:From Cold Dead Hands

Quest Location: High Elf Outpost 5 in Tyr Lysia


  • This soldier appears only after you talk to the Guardsman, who stands down the road, accept the Cut Off quest and complete its beginning successfully. Therefore he won't appear in the Mutiplayer mode. He also won't appear if you fail the Cut Off quest.
  • Since his quest was added to the game with the Community Patch, this soldier and his comrades-in-arms from Cut Off quest won't appear if you don't have the patch installed.