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Inquisitor Guide: Wizard

By Stéphane

A request from Gogo (Resistance is futile), Inquistor build, here I come! (two others build will follow)


200 in Intelligence 200 in Stamina.


Astute Supremacy Lore : 100

Astute Supremacy Focus : 100

Concentration : 75

Armor Lore : 75

Constitution : 121

Nefarious Netherworld Lore :100

Nefarious Netherworld Focus : 100

Combat Discipline : 75

Toughness : 100

Gruesome Inquisition Focus : 75

Set :

Full Drapes of Catharsis + Ilgard's Judgement (Arms)/Ilgard's Consistency (Belt)/Ilgard's Assurance (Boots) and Deylen's Loyalty (Gloves)

Combat arts :

Gruesome Inquisition :

- Mortifying Pillory : 1a Disgrace + 2b Expulsion + 3b Decay = Armor + Duration + poison Damage

- Frenetic Fervor : 1a Faith + 2a Contemplation + 3a Relentless = Reduces casting time for spells + Dodge + duration

- Purifying Chastisement : 1b Mystic + 2b Eradicate + 3a Inure = Increase Magic damage + Increase crit + Physical mitigation

Astute Supremacy :

- Levin Array : 1b Elongation +2b Hesitation + 3b Dymanic = Range + Attack speed + Crits

- Clustering Maelstrom : 1b Chaos + 2b Gash + Vortex = More Damage with more opponents + Bleeding + Range

- Raving Thrust : 1b Bedaze + 2a Relay + 3a Lesion = Stun + Knocked back area + Reduce HP

- Zealous Doppelganger : 1b Vigor + 2b Domination + 3a Determination = Hit point regeneration + Astute supremacy aspect + 30% of HP

- Reverse Polarity : 1b Sphere + 2a Counterblow + 3a Evade = Melee Damage + reflect melee + Increase defense

Nefarious Netherworld :

- Dislodged Spirit : 1a Gelidity + 2b Torture + 3b Wildfire = Ice damage + DoT + Area damage explosion

- Paralyzing Dread : 1b Despair + 2a Decrepit + 3a Extension = Lower resistance + Reduce attack speed + Increase range

- Inexorable Subjugation : 1b Effort + 2b Menace + 3a Probation = Damage more often + Spectral minions more stronger + Duration of the minions

- Eruptive Desecration : 1a Greed + 2b Danger Zone + 3b Plague = Loots + Range + Poison Damage

- Soul Reaver : 1a Deathmagic + 2a Recreation + 3a Zealot = Melee damage + HP regen + Soul duration

First of all, this build is not easy at first, but when you will be high enough, this will be a pleasure! Why Gruesome Inquisition? For the Purifying Chastisement and the mod mystic that will enhanced your magical damage from levin Array, Inexorable Subjugation, Sphere on reverse polarity and deathmagic damage mod on Soul Reaver, Awesome! 2biggrin.gif And the mitigation mods is helpful with survival. You can't have 4 buffs, so the dopplegänger will remain as a simple spell.

Three buff on you : Purifying Chastisement for damage, Reverse Polarity to reflect melee and ranged damage and close combat damage with sphere (enhanced by Astute supremacy lore, intelligence and PC + damage modifier) and Soul reaver for defense and life regeneration and damage against melee (good combinaison with sphere)

Combo :

- Clustering Maelstrom + Levin Array + Eruptive Desecration + Raving Thrust : Kaboooom! Big Mob killer.

- Mortifying Pillory + Dislodged Spirit : Good Melee/contact damage + powerful against boss/elite thanks to the decrease of their stats. The AoE explosion mod is sweet against elite monsters with their little friends around them. Good against solo target (fast recast)

Dislodged spirit mod 3b will add his damage to the tooltips but you won't do that with the first hit, the added damage is the damage you will do if the target die and explode. At high level you can do 80k+ of area damage if the target die by dislodged spirit.

The mod sphere on RP and the mod deathmagic on SR offer a strong melee passive attack. Inexorable Subjugation is increased by PC and offer good damage DoT, and can stuck elite monsters.

I have nothing to add for the moment. Enjoy!

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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