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Gold coins are the monetary exchange unit in Ancaria. It is acquired quite easily -- often merely by picking it up off the ground. Of course a player must usually defeat an enemy first to force him to drop the gold. This is not always quite as easy. Gold is also sometimes found inside chests, barrels and in special "hidden" locations a player may encounter. They may also obtain gold by selling items. Note that in Sacred 2, unlike Sacred Underworld, a player can convert items to gold by "selling" them to themselves. Even when a players is not at a merchant, they can Ctrl-click(PC) or press X(Xbox 360) on an item in your inventory, and it is "sold" essentially for salvage. That is, receive a lesser amount of gold, 2/3 the amount, that they would at a merchant. This can be useful to clear inventory space when out in the field -- they would no longer need to abandon unneeded items.

Gold is useful primarily for interactions with special NPCs in the game. There are several characters located throughout Ancaria that will buy and sell items, or perform services for players. The most common are:

  • Merchant: The merchant will buy and sell items.
  • Runemaster: The Runemaster will sell a player runes in exchange for 1 or more runes plus some gold. This NPC also sells jewelry, and, like the Merchant, will buy items from players.
  • Blacksmith: The Smith will perform forging for a price. He also sells armor, which includes some jewelry; and also damage conversion items. The Smith, too, will buy items exactly like a Merchant.
  • Horse Dealer: The horse dealer will buy and sell horses.

Maximum gold value for player characters: 2³² (= 4.294.967.296)

NOTE: there is a possible overflow-bug, resetting a player's gold-count starting at zero-
if the amount of gold obtained next would exceed the maximum (eg. quest-reward or selling an item)

in Sacred Ice&Blood patched to 2.65.1 there is no such overflow, and a player will not loose all their gold

The term "Gold" may also refer to one of the five game difficulty levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Niobium.