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Magmadur is an old Dragon, who grew tired of a quiet life and became impudent enough to start maradeuring and even killing and eating the local inhabitants. After he attacked the Seraphim Ambassador, who tried to reason with him, Sophia sentenced him to death.



  • Magmadur is involved in the Almost Godlike quest. This quest is available only in the singleplayer campaign.

A Boss Enemy

  • In the end of the Almost Godlike quest, you'd have to fight Magmadur. He is a powerful Dragon Enemy. You can read about his abilities below.

Damage Types:

Weakest Against:

Quest:Almost Godlike

Quest Location: Seraphim Island in Dragon Sea Islands

  • Weakest against Ice Damage
  • Does Physical, Magical and Fire damage


  • The only way to get to his location is through the quest completion.