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Reduces all the five resistance values of an opponent during a brief period by a percentage, this reduction is only applied to weapon based attacks, so it does not apply to spell attacks.

This modifier was created for the Community Patch. The game has a version of this modifier that only applies to Physical armor, rendering the modifier less useful against enemies with elemental resistances, especially for weapons with damage converters forged (what's the point of reducing physical armor if you're not dealing physical damage?) This all channel version allows the weapon's owner to customize its damage to his heart's desire without compromising the modifiers.

As example, a weapon based combat art with 1400-2000 output damage, with opponent's resistance value 1500 and armor reduced by 12.6% produces the following results:

  • Damage taken by opponent without armor reduction: ranging from 783 to 1100, critical hits up to 1326
  • Damage taken by opponent with armor reduction: ranging from 1264 to 1618, critical hits up to 1991

Availability of Opponent's Armor -X% via Set and Unique Items

This modifier is available as yellow modifier (set bonus) by completing the following set:

It also available on the unique sword:

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