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icon13.gif NOTE: The contents of this page are exclusive content found only by installing the player-made mega-mod Diablo 2 Fallen.


Goblin Archer

Sacred 2:Goblin Archer (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Goblin Boar Rider

Sacred 2:Goblin Boar Rider (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Goblin Leader

Sacred 2:Goblin Leader (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Goblin Shaman

Sacred 2:Goblin Shaman (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Goblin Warrior

Sacred 2:Goblin Warrior (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Grurag Goblin Leader

Sacred 2:Grurag Goblin Leader

Grurag Goblin Shaman

Sacred 2:Grurag Goblin Shaman

Grurag Goblin Warrior

Sacred 2:Grurag Goblin Warrior

Mounted Goblin Hunter

Sacred 2:Mounted Goblin Hunter (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Ore-Thag Goblin Archer

Sacred 2:Ore-Thag Goblin Archer (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Ore-Thag Goblin Leader

Sacred 2:Ore-Thag Goblin Leader (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Ore-Thag Goblin Shaman

Sacred 2:Ore-Thag Goblin Shaman (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Ore-Thag Goblin Warrior

Sacred 2:Ore-Thag Goblin Warrior (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Weak Goblin Warrior

Sacred 2:Weak Goblin Warrior (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Weak Ore-Thag Goblin

Sacred 2:Weak Ore-Thag Goblin (Diablo 2 Fallen)


Grurag Ogre Champion

Sacred 2:Grurag Ogre Champion

Ore-Thag Ogre Champion

Sacred 2:Ore-Thag Ogre Champion

Ogre Champion

Sacred 2:Ogre Champion (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Ogre Hunter

Sacred 2:Ogre Hunter (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Ogre Shaman

Sacred 2:Ogre Shaman (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Ogre Warrior

Sacred 2:Ogre Warrior (Diablo 2 Fallen)


Armed Grurag Orc Warrior

Sacred 2:Armed Grurag Orc Warrior

Armed Ore-Thag Orc Warrior

Sacred 2:Armed Ore-Thag Orc Warrior (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Armed Orc Warrior

Sacred 2:Armed Orc Warrior (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Grurag Orc Archer

Sacred 2:Grurag Orc Archer

Grurag Orc Champion

Sacred 2:Grurag Orc Champion

Grurag Orc Shaman

Sacred 2:Grurag Orc Shaman

Grurag Orc Warrior

Sacred 2:Grurag Orc Warrior

Orc Archer

Sacred 2:Orc Archer (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Orc Champion

Sacred 2:Orc Champion (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Orc Patrol

Sacred 2:Orc Patrol (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Orc Shaman

Sacred 2:Orc Shaman (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Orc Warrior

Sacred 2:Orc Warrior (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Ore-Thag Orc Champion

Sacred 2:Ore-Thag Orc Champion (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Ore-Thag Orc Hunter

Sacred 2:Ore-Thag Orc Hunter (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Ore-Thag Orc Shaman

Sacred 2:Ore-Thag Orc Shaman (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Ore-Thag Orc Warrior

Sacred 2:Ore-Thag Orc Warrior (Diablo 2 Fallen)


Orc Bosses:

Orc Super-Uniques:

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