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This map shows the locations of all 32 of the large portals in Ancaria.

Portals are magical gateways that the player can use to instantly teleport to distant locations. The player will encounter many portals across Ancaria. There are 32 large portals as well as several smaller, "mini-portals."

Large Portals

Large portals appear on the map and minimap using two different symbols: Inactive portals inactiveportal.gif and active portals interportal.png.

An inactive portal appears as an empty stone archway with glowing magical symbols on it:

Inactive Portal

Portals cannot be used until made active. Some portals (mostly those in cities) become active as soon as the player comes into their proximity. However, many other portals require that the player click on them to activate them. When a portal is activated, a shimmering gateway appears in the arch that displays glimpses of faraway lands.

Dryad Using an Active Portal

Once activated, a portal will remain in use and can be traveled to from any other active large portal. In Ice and Blood, portal travel becomes even easier, since players can simply open the world map and click any active portal to travel to it from almost any location. In Ice and Blood there is no need to use a portal to travel to another one. Once active, they become like instant teleport spots.

When a player completes a Difficulty Level and enters a new one (for example, moving from Silver to Gold), all discovered portals will remain on the map. However they will be reverted to "inactive" status until the player activates them again.


The player may also discover several mini-portals scattered across the continent. They appear like stone teleporter pads with a glowing, green portal slowly rotating above it. Unlike the large portals, mini-portals are a mostly means for short-distance travel, and are usually only linked to one other mini-portal. Some are even one-way trips. After going through a one-way portal, the player will arrive on a stone pad without a portal.

Mini-portals appear on the minimap with this icon: teleport.png Note that many other means of short-distance travel (such as small boats) also use this icon.

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