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Pure Caster Build for Inquisitor

By Von Bek

So, this is my first actual post on one of my builds (I've got a lot that I have written up but haven't posted yet. I'll get them up here if I see it's unique). So, my reason for this build is to set the inquisitor up as a complete mage. For him, I feel that he'd much rather let other things do his dirty work for him (ala Emperor Palpatine. . . muwahahahaha). Well, here goes:

1. Armor Lore

2. Nefarious Netherworld Lore

3. Nefarious Netherworld Focus

4. Astute Supremacy Lore

5. Astute Supremacy Focus

6. Concentration

7. Dual Wield

8. Toughness

9. Constitution

10. **Tactics Lore

    • I may change this skill out. Tactics could be changed to Riding or Combat Discipline or Combat Reflexes depending on how it all goes. I don't really see myself hitting things all that much. wink.gif Dual Wield could be a good choice. Weapons can augment your CA's nicely and since he can't use shields (lame), it could take some of that slack up and help your Doppel deal more damage.

Skill point allocation: Point-wise, you're going to want to choose one of the aspects and stick with it. Either is good. The other I wouldn't keep at a max level, as you can always find gear to augment the one you don't choose. Concentration is going to HAVE to get to 75. We're going to need those buffs. Toughness and Constitution may need a decent pool of points, but I haven't really met too much trouble with this build (you may be able to change them out with something). Armor lore is almost a must. That increase to armor values can keep you alive, but its reduction to the armor penalty is kind of moot for this character, whose only heavy armor is his helmet and his spaulders.

Attributes- We're going to be needing Stamina, Intelligence, and Vitality. I would say to go heavy on Stamina and Intelligence. We're casters, we need to be able to hit fast and strike hard. Vitality will keep you alive a bit better, but again, I haven't had too much trouble. Use your own judgment with point allocation here. You've got a lot to use and gear can help take up the slack a bit.

CA's: Here's the meat of what we'll be doing:

Inexorable Subjugation- This skill is going to be a good friend of your's. It'll kill enemies and make friends! What more do you need? It's also a wonderful disabler so your soul companions can take a whack at 'em.


Brunt- Damage can be increased with other things and this gives more chances for crit strikes.

Menace- The companions have to be able to tank for you and do a considerable amount of damage, hence we need them stronger.

Probation- Can't be having those companions quitting too soon, make 'em stick around longer!

Levin Array- This skill will be used in conjuction with Dislodged Spirit. Paralyze them and then zap them. These two skills will also help you net souls to the buff Soul Reaver. Mods:

    • I'll leave these up to you. It'll have a lot to do with play style. I tend to lengthen it and take away attack speed, with an increase to crit rates.

Dislodged Spirit- Read above. You can also use this to gain some think time when dealing with champions. Touch them and run for some needed time to regroup.


Spite- This is a wonderful disabler and allows you to run from big baddies. Make it last longer! Damage can come from other CA's.

Torture- I suggest taking this, it makes the skill more viable as a killer by itself and can lead in nicely to Wildfire (3rd level mod), but I've got other plans.

Stimulate- Oh my, this is the Holy Grail, right here. We're a caster and need our CA's ready for use. Coupled with the increased duration from Spite, this works wonders!

Clustering Maelstrom- See a mob of enemies? Use this with due haste and use those numbers against them. This CA is AWESOME in tandem with Soul Reaver.


1st level mods- I'm not sure how Chaotic works. . . So, I'm not really going to suggest too much here. Sorry. I'll keep testing to figure it out.

Vortex- We'll be needing to both keep baddies away from ourselves and pull more together from longer distances. Increase that range.

3rd level mods- Either of these mods are great. An increased range will augment the spell to do more damage by grabbing more mobs, and a stun chance can be really good. Keep in mind that stun chances (I believe) can be added to equipment, an increase to CA range can not be.

Buffs- I would mod out Zealous Doppelganger as soon as possible. It'll keep a meat shield with you at all times, and that's never a bad thing, is it?

Soul Reaver- This is going to be modded to help with those Regen times. Try to keep a soul or two with you whenever you can. This can be done by letting your minions kill a mob when you're close enough, or just use your spells (Inexorable Subjugation can not add a soul to this. Why? Because it's being used for another purpose: creating a ghost to run around with you.)


Zealot- These souls have to stick around when you've got them, and we're going to try to stay away from mobs. Take this one.

Source- Yay! More CA regen bonuses! Nab it.

Zealot- I suggest this one to take full advantage of the Source mod and we're going to try not to get hit when we're playing. Let the minions take the pain.

Zealous Doppelganger- (THE 2nd LEVEL MODS ARE BUGGED, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK UNTIL IT IS PATCHED) Mod this guy first. It's a life-saver, believe me, and it'll buy you some time to let your CA's regenerate.


Incentive- We're going to be needing this guy to tank for us and actually hit things. (In the Wiki, it says Vigor gives him 600 hp/s + 6 hp/s. Personally, we need him to hit stuff and not get hit. Use your own discretion.)

Equal- He's going to have to melee and we need him to get his butt up there. Give him the tools to hit things. (I'm not sure if the CA levels are based on your's, or if he gets any of the mods you choose. As more info comes in, I may need to change this.)

Companion- I'll bet you already guessed what the last one was. icon4.gif Smarty-pants. Grab a friend and let's keep going!

Reverse Polarity- What a wonderful little buff this is! It essentially has a chance to reflect EVERY attack type that's out there, and will add a defense value. Whoa. . .


Rebound- Yuck, other caster's spells. Just send 'em back with this mod.

Couterblow- If mobs seem to be getting too close, don't fret; make them hit themselves, instead.

Evade- Nobody likes to take damage. With the increase to your defense value, this mod makes it all the harder for enemies to land any hits.

So, there's the build. He does take some micro-management but I've had nothing, but fun playing him. I'm currently awaiting the next patch to see if the doppelproblem gets fixed. . . It makes me so sad. Well, have fun all and I hope to hear any suggestions!

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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