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shadow.png The Path of Darkness is beset with overwhelming desires of power and supremacy. Those of unscrupulous morality and those who walk in the shadows of evil will find themselves at home upon this road of personal gain and destruction.


Every character has a unique start. This start colors the path that character walks in Ancaria. Those that walk in the darker colors are different than those that walk in the lighter colors. Dark is not necessarily evil.

Dryad - Pastures New

We are under attack! The shaman is heavily injured. I must defeat the attackers!

The old shaman is dead. With his last breath he implored me to finish his task. The Inquisitors in the outpost know about our arrival. They will not attack me.

The outpost of the Inquisition. Perhaps I am needed here.

Inquisitor - Conspiracies!

The messenger has been dealt with. And if my plan comes to pass the Inquisitor will not be in my way for much longer.

The old Inquisitor and I have uncovered a conspiracy. Now the old man intends to reap the fruits of our efforts alone. Not on my watch. I know how to play that game better than he does.

The old fool! He didn't even become suspicious! Serves him right. Now, I have to take care of the witnesses.

All witnesses have been silenced.

I should make my way to Thylysium now.

High Elf - Duel!

I have been here for a long time, but I think my staying here is not for much longer. I should listen to what the Arch Mage has to say to me.

This is my final test. I will take on my fellow student. I wonder whether he is ready to taste some REAL magic.

I have killed him...what a weakling!

I guess I have to end that ol' fool's life.

The senile old fool is dead. I am free at last!

Dragon Mage - The Dragon Mage

Well, it looks like I've finally arrived. Strange region. Maybe there's a village around where here where I can get some information.

My faithful friend Gemblik has accompanied me this far, but now I will have to continue my journey alone. Strange, I've been waiting for this moment for years. And yet, now that it's here, it fills me with grief. But I have no time for such things. I must speak with the dragon and follow my destiny.

An elven settlement. The Inquisition is sure to have an outpost here, too.

Temple Guardian - Reactivated!

All systems reactivated. Received instructions from Hologram.

I have been reactivated. Two entities are attacking me. I must dispose of them.

Attacker terminated. Next target should be the Inquisitors.

Mission accomplished. Now, I will look for new assignments.

Shadow Warrior - Revisitation!

I...I am alive. How is that possible! I hope the magician will be able to shed a light...

I am back! I have returned to the world! Which power summoned me here! I will find out...but first, I will have to defend myself.

Who dares to...! Who brought me back into this pathetic world? My destiny was death! And now I am back here! I must find the Grand Inquisitor. He owes me an explanation!

An outpost of the Inquisition. They might have an assignment for me!

Chapter 1 - Tyr Lysia

Thwarted Attack Plans

Nobility, waste of time that they are, plan on attacking a base of the Inquisition. The commander of the base needs to be warned so that she may be prepared for the onslaught.

(scroll) Message for the Grand Inquisitor

The Center of Power

We did it. The attack has been fought off. However, the Commander is worried that this attack has not been the last of it's kind. She has asked me to request reinforcements from the Grand Inquisitor..

The Grand Inquisitor is in the capital. I should make my way there now.

A guard at the Inquisitor's mansion said I was a thief and attacked me! I had to kill her in self defense. The second guard was more cooperative. She said that the Grand Inquisitor can be found at the holding cells across the city.

The Grand Inquisitor is very intimidating, but he did say he might employ me if I can prove myself in the arena.It looks like I'll have to impress the head gladiator by killing a few prisoners in single combat.

I spoke to the instructor of the gladiators and he told me to prepare for battle. He seemed... different. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Anyway, my opponent is waiting for me in the fighting pit.

All my opponents are dead. Time to talk to the head gladiator again.

The gladiator instructor gave me his seal of approval and sent me back to the Grand Inquisitor in the main temple.

Through the Wall

The Grand Inquisitor has chosen me as his envoy. He already has a task for me.

The Grand Inquisitor asked whether I would join the ranks of his holy warriors, and I accepted.

My first mission will take me past the Great Wall and into human territory. I'm supposed to find a man called "The Broker" and convince him to send his slave girls to the Grand Inquisitor. He says it is for their protection, but I have my doubts. No matter. My first task is to get to the Great Wall and use the Grand Inquisitor's ring as a token of passage.

After a hard journey I reached the Great Wall. When I showed the Grand Inquisitor's ring to the guard he allowed me to pass and told me I would find a spy in the village to the east. The man is supposed to know where "The Broker" lives.

(ring) Nimonuil's Signet Ring

Chapter 2 - Artamark

Beyond the Wall

I found the spy while he was fighting off a pack of wolves. I may have saved his life, but perhaps not. No matter. He told me a friend of the broker's runs a gambling den in the village north of here.

(vial sketch) Vial of Emptyness

If you chose not to trust the broker's friend you get this journal entry.

That son of a greenskin in the gambling den set his thugs on me! I killed them and whipped him within an inch of his life until he told me where to find the broker. I killed him anyway and guess what! There was a note in his pocket from the broker with a return address of Orcish Byway! Lying Swine!. Glad I killed him. Served him right.

If you chose to trust the broker's friend you get this journal entry.

The scoundrel in the gambling den set his thugs on me! I killed them and whipped him within an inch of his life until he told me where to find the broker. He's lucky I let him live. I wonder how far it is to Skook's Corner.

Damn! Damn! Damn! That lying son of a greenskin in the gambling den sent me to the wrong damn village. Scumbag! I should've killed him when I had that chance. The Broker really lives in Orcish Byway. Damn!


I finally found the broker. He was in a panic because his village was being attacked by the Gar'Colossus - a Golem. The coward. It didn't take much to convince him to sell the girls to the Grand Inquisitor. All I have to do is kill the Golem and my mission is completed. The creature is surrounded by a T-Energy shield The magical blazing stones must surely be the key to victory.

I killed the clay colossus! I should talk to the smuggler again.

The Gar'Colossus is dead!

The cowardly broker promised to send the girls to the clergy from now on. He said he'd seen a Golem like this before, in a place where the Orcs say 'the magic flows from the earth." That's where some Elven Expedition was heading. He also said a priest was waiting for me at the academy. Maybe he has a message for me from the Grand Inquisitor.

Chapter 3 - Nor Plat

Among Orcs

The Grand Inquisitor explained the situation in the Orc region.

Several Orc clans are at feud with each other, and lately the Ore-Thag-Clan has gained the upper hand. He told me to find the leader of that clan and offer to help him win. In return, once the Orcs are unified, the Grand Inquisitor will call upon the support of the Ore-Thag Clan in our battles to come.

He also told me something about a lost Elven delegation. He wants me to find them and learn what they know about magic leaks in the Orc regions.

I arrived at the place where 'the magic flows from the earth." These idiots use it as some sort of testing ground where young Orcs prove they can fight. I'll play along and kill some of the Earth Elementals - maybe it will help them accept me.

OK, fine, I killed a bunch of the big scary monsters. Maybe if I talk to the Orc again he'll admit me into their club.

The Orc was impressed. He passed me up the line to some old bat who seems to be in charge around here.

The Orc Elder was a senile old crone who claimed I should travel with the Ore-Thag Clan because I like killing so much. What a moron! At least I'll have someone to watch my back in the Gods-forsaken country - unless I decide to kill them all first.

One of them said their clan leader lives far away, and I have to prove myself before they'll even take me to see him. Typical clan idiocy. Anyway, some Orcs of the Grurag Clan insulted my new best friends and they want me to avenge their honor. They've got a spy in the offending village, so I'm off to go wreak some havoc.

I got to the village and found the Orc spy. He told me where to find the Orcs of the Grurag Clan who insulted "my" clan's honor. The sooner I kill them, the sooner I can put these dimwits behind me.

Ok, Lotsa dead Orcs. Time to get back to the spy and see if there are any other hoops I have to jump through for these morons.

Lovely. Some of my genius clanmates blundered into a village and got captured. The rest of our side are attacking the village, but the leader of the bad guys isn't even there! He's directing the battle from a hill outside the village. What's the old saying, "cut off the head, and the snake dies"? Time for me to do a little head hunting.

The Grurag Clan leader has been defeated. Now I must go down into the village and free the clan brothers.

I'm finally making some progress with these pinheads. The Orcs of the Ore-Thag Clan are free, the enemy leader is dead, and I've earned a trip to see our exalted clanleader, who I hope is brighter than the average melon. Hi-ho, Hi-ho - it's off to Orc I go!

Wet Danger

What rotten timing! I arrived at the leader's camp right in the middle of some big clan meeting. He won't pay any attention to me until this problem is cleared up. It seams something has blocked the river to create a lake. Some sort of creature is living there now. It has poisoned the watter and is attacking the Orcs. The clans have agreed to cancel their favorite sport of killing each other until the monster is dead. They all want to be the first to kill the damn thing, so naturally I've got to go out and do battle in the name of the gold old Ore-Thag Clan. At least the chief gave me a hint for fighting the monster - if I blow up the dam that's blocking the river, it will dry out the area and that will weaken the monster. Apparently he's tried this arleady, but the Orcs carrying the gunpowder were killed by fellow Orcs. They were furious because the poisonous water would consequently kill many Orcs. If I can recover the gunpowder, I can destroy the dam and kill the monster. The chief doesn't give a rat's ass about the Orcs who might die in the valley. Figures!

I found the dead Orcs. The stench of their rotting corpses made me gag, but I salvaged enough gunpowder to blow up the dam.

What an explosion! The dam broke and the water flooded the valley as predicted. Lots of dead Orcs, but who cares! Now the swamp is drained, let's find out how tough the Octagolamus is with dry feet.

One dead monster, as requested. You say it, I slay it. Now let's see how the clanleader reacts to the good news.

Success! I brought huge prestige to the Ore-Thag Clan. They'll rule over the other clans, and they're welcome to them, so far as i'm concerned. But as my reward, the clanleader told me where to find the Elves from the lost expedition. They were captured and imprisoned by the Orcs. Perhaps my mission is coming to an end!

I spoke to the Elves, but the wimps let the Orcs capture them before they found out anything about the magic leaks. All they could tell me is that the leaks are part of a network of pipelines. The Seraphim are supposed to know more about it. Looks like I'll have to head north and freeze my butt off. This mission is starting to really annoy me!

Chapter 4 - Seraphim Island

Realm of the Seraphim

Some blathering fool outside the palace let slip that there used to be a sculpture of something called The Great Machine on the pedestal in the village square, and that some pieces are still in a closed wing of the palace. Finding them shouldn't be too hard, and then it sounds as if I should pay a visit to the local librarian.

I've collected one piece of the sculpture, but there has to be another one.

I've found all pieces of the missing sculpture. Time to go see Mr. Giles, the librarian.

What an imbecile the librarian turned out to be. Still, he gave me useful information The Great Machine is a huge network of pipes, constantly draining magic energy from the world. Unfortunately, the location of the hub is lost. But it sounds as if the Seraphim leader Sophia might tell me where it is.

Bah! What a waste of time. The leader only prattled on about "the one Creator" and how they're waiting for his return. At least my master is here. I can't believe he came all this way just to get my report.

The Grand Inquisitor seems to take me for granted. I've done everything he asked, yet he calls me a fool and demands more. Now, I am to try and pry information out of the old Dragon Mer-Kil. No thought to how dangerous the Dragon territory is. Well I can look out for myself. I'll find out what the librarian knows about Dragons and then set out. Fool indeed!

I caught the librarian drooling over a bunch of dirty etchings. Pathetic. He said an amulet made of Dragon heartscales is the only protection against a Dragon's fiery breath. I'll have to try and get one of those on my way to see the old Dragon.

Chapter 5 - Carnach Cave and Dragon Islands

Fire, Brimstone and Dragon Scales

I met a bounty hunter who told me there are two kinds of Dragons, roaming and settled ones. It seems he's afraid of the settled ones, and likes to stay on good terms with them. What a gutless wonder. The Dragons hold Humans in slave camps, but a guy called "Blackhammer" recently freed a bunch of them. Gutless here wants to return twenty of them alive to appease the Dragon Ordaurcil - can't hurt to play along in case the reward is good. And if it's not, I can always have some fun with the magic amulet he gave me that makes the slaves obey our commands when it touches them. Time to head out.

I've collected twenty freed slaves, but didn't like Ordaurcil's idea of a reward. He wasn't really going to pay a bounty, and when I insisted he attacked me. It worked out well for me, because I got to kill him and collected the Dragon scale I wanted. The bounty hunter is a coward but he might have some valuable information, so I should talk to him again.

The bounty hunter told me that there's another Dragon east of here that needs a similar service. This one is a friend of Mer-Kil, so I should try to help him out for the chance to see the old one. Pity I'm not likely to be able to kill this one. Contrary to what the Bounty Hunter said, settled Dragon slaying is quite fun. Off to see the lizard.

The Dragon Nimdruail asked me to find and kill the Human slaves who escaped from his breeding kennel. They'r obviously some kind of living food stock. He also recommended that I follow his example and refrain from eating Human flesh, that shouldn't be hard to comply with. Now I should go find the escaped Humans, I wonder how many different agonizing ways I'll be able to think up to kill them...

I have killed them all. They could have made a braver attempt to resist though...

The Dragon's overseer gave me directions to an outpost. The people there should know the exact location of the old Dragon, as well as the ritual of creating an amulet of protection from the heartscale. The won't cooperate, so I'll need to give them an incentive. I think threatening to tell the Dragon where they are will motivate them.

Ha, just mentioning the Dragon and the outpost's location in one sentence scared them witless. They gave me what I wanted in return for my word to not tell Merk-Kil where they are. The fools should have chosen their words more carefully, The Dragon isn't the only danger here today... I'll find Mer-Kil to the west.

The Oldest of the Immortal

I finally arrived at Mer-Kil's lair. As expected, the Dragon didn't want to join our side, because he's not interested in mundane squabbles. If I kill a creature called the Carnach, another ethereal entity like the Dragon, he'll reveal the location of the hub as well as allow his slaves to worship Ker.

I have defeated the Carnach. Now I must return to Mer-Kil.

Mer-Kil told me that the answers to my questions can be found in the High Temple of the Lost City. Once the capital of the High Elf empire, it's now a deserted place in the jungle. Doesn't sound fun, but I guess life can't be all killing sprees. The old Dragon opened a portal and told me to go through to save a good part of the journey. On the other side I should look out for the sign of the skull.

Chapter 6 - The Swamp

Contrary to Recollections

I've met a cult of Lizardman who worship the undead. They're following a bizarre philosophy. They don't use names, because names establish relationships, which then form communities. They think communities stifle the individuality that is essential for a fulfilled life. To join their cult I need to kill the creature on top of the Skull Rock. They may be useful to me, and the fight could be entertaining so I'll face the challenge.

I killed the creature and am now officially a member of the cult. My new "friends" want me to join them on a mission. They want to destroy a memorial currently being built. They say it must be destroyed before it's completed, or the undead it names will rest eternally, which is what they're trying to prevent. Sounds stupid to me, but destruction is always invigorating so I'm in!

We destroyed the memorial site which pleased the local cult leader. He said I deserved the blessing of immortality, so should talk to their cult leader because he's the only one who can perform the ritual. As pointless as their other customs are, I've a feeling I know what this "blessing" will be, but I should still speak to the cult leader in the village further south.

(symbol) Symbol of the Nameless

When I arrived at the headquarters of the cult they were leaving to raid a field of Marigold. According ot the cult leader, they need to stop the Lizardmen from harvesting it. The flowers produce incense which keeps the fog monster at bay. The cult would rather the Lizardmen fight the fog monster than build memorials to lay the undead to rest. Looks like all those guys are leading a busy life. The fog cannot be fought directly. To weaken it the summoned creatures must first be dispatched.

Defying the Fog

After we killed all the Lizardmen at the Marigold field, the cult leader offered to perform the ritual of immortality - or rather killing me and using the leaking magic to turn me undead. As if I'd give up my future just to turn into one of those things that the nameless wackos worship! I declined the offer and continued on into the jungle.

One of the cultists asked to join me on my journey. He seems impressed by my skills and said he wants to learn from me. He also tole me that I need to cross the desert in order to reach the jungle. I see no reason not to let him come, especially since he can show me the route. Besides, more fighting power means a safer trip. Now we need to fight our way past the fog monster I've been hearing so much about.

We fought back the fog monster far enough to pass through to the desert. While we were passing what seems to be the center of the fog, we saw some loose parts of the machine. My new companion said that we could fix the leak in this part of the Great Machine with these pieces, which would probably stop the fog for good. Why should we do it though, to do the Marigold pickers a favor? I think not. It would only slow us down and we won't be in this area much longer anyway. We're going to continue our journey to the desert.

Chapter 7 - Bengaresh

Throne of Conflict

Upon entering the desert, a group of local warriors approached us. The leader explained that this is the territory of warriors, only they may travel here so we would be tested. He made me and my companion fight to the death. It appears that my companion didn't learn quite enough from me, he lost. I shouldn't waste any more time now.

A man at the oasis told me the local tribes are on the brink of civil war. The old King is dead and his brother took the throne, despite the fact that it actually belongs to the Prince. There will be an election in the near future, and too many of the tribe leaders are favoring the uncle instead of the Prince. If the Prince were to get access to a magical weapon called "Devil's Fire", he'd be able to put enough pressure on the tribal leaders to just claim the throne. The Prince has the support of the Grand Inquisitor, so I'd better find out if I can assist him get this fire. If a little fell into my pack while I helped, well, I wouldn't object. Now to find the Prince.

I spoke with the Prince and he made it clear that he urgently needs the Devil's Fire to claim the throne. There is a caravan transporting an important ingredient for the Devil's Fire to the brother of the dead King. The Prince asked me to attack this caravan and acquire the ingredient for him, in return for his gratitude. Gratitude, schmatitude. I want some of that fire for myself! I should hurry so I can stop the caravan before it reaches the Prince's uncle.

Success! I have the basilisk eyes. Now I should take them back to the Prince, so he can unleash the Devil's Fire.

The Prince was obviously very pleased to receive the ingredient. Now I find that evoking the fire isn't that easy, you need an experienced alchemist. There is only one in this region skilled enough to perform this ritual. Unfortunately he's a loyal follower of the Prince's uncle so won't come willingly, and we don't dare risk his life by using force. The uncle has sent an envoy to the alchemist. If I can kill the envoy and assume his identity, I might be able to trick the alchemist into following me.

The first part of the plan went well. The envoy is dead and I have acquired his letter of recommendation. Now let's find out if the old man will fall for the trick.

It worked, this fool is so eager to prattle on about his ideas to someone that he doesn't suspect a thing. We should leave.

Igniting the Devil's Fire

I arrived at the camp of the Prince with the alchemist, where he was forced to explain the ritual. According to him, yet another ingredient is required to evoke the Devil's Fire, the blood of a Garganthropod. This giant scorpion lives in the desert south of here. The Prince asked me to kill the monster and return to him with its blood. The creature employs a blue reflective shield. Attacking while this is activated would be futile.

The Garganthropod is dead and I picked up his blood. I'm starting to wonder if the weapon is really worth the effort, all of it mine. Since I have the blood I should return to the Prince, but there better not be any more errands waiting for me!

The Prince was glad to have the last crucial ingredient for the Devil's Fire in his hands. After a most enlightening demonstration I see that this weapon really is incredible. It will create enough fear among his opponents that they won't dare vote against him in the upcoming elections. My work here is done. I should now continue my journey and enter the jungle.

Chapter 8 - The Jungle

The Forgotten City

I met an archaeologist at a campsite in the jungle. He said he's found the pyramid of the Lost City, but hasn't been able to enter yet because it's being guarded by a flying monster. To enter it I'll have to kill the guardian first. That greedy archaeologist is practically drooling to get in to see what secrets it holds, yet isn't even making the effort to help me clear the overgrown path to the pyramid. I wonder if I can get in if the guardian is merely seriously injured and still alive enough to eat the next person to walk down the path.

I've defeated the guardian, too bad I had to kill it. The entrance to the pyramid is now clear.

I made my way to the center of the pyramid, only to find that the Great Machine isn't here anymore. The Temple Guardians decided to move the hub to a safe spot during the Great War. In addition, they magically cloaked the hub and gave the key to the Dryads. maybe I can contact Nimonuil, the Grand Inquisitor, using this scrying device.

Nimonuil agreed that the next step is to go to the Dryads and retrieve the key to unveil the cloaked hub.

Chapter 9 - Dyr Lain

Green Islands

I went to the Dryad island and found an Elven settlement. A villager told me that they're tolerated on the island because they use their ships to repel the frequent invasions form the mutated Wasteland creatures. It seems that the decision made by the Dryad Queen isn't very popular amongst the Dryads because most of them believe the Elves are destroying the island by farming, metal mining and forestry. Silly tree-hugging buggars, what do the think that ships are made of -candy floss and air! I'm glad I don't live here! I should meet my contact person now.

They spy I found in the tavern wasn't prepared to give me the information right away. He thought he'd be clever and try to make me do a job for him first. It was fun to watch his reaction when I suggested the job could be killing hi there and then. He was very helpful after that, and told me the key to the hub shield is in the Crystal Caves. Now I must find the crystal smuggler to find out how to get into the Crystal Caves.

The smuggler said that getting to the Crystal Caves is as difficult as getting inside once you're there. Apparently, there are sentient trees blocking the way and fighting them is risky. To get past the trees, the smuggler uses a magic charm to sedate them. He offered me the charm if I get him a Potion of Bedevilment from the hut of the priestess. Yet another idiot who things I'm a gofer.

I made my way to the priestess' hut and found the Potion of Bedevilment. I also found some vials filled with poison and one with an antidote. That's exactly what I need to teach the old fool a lesson.

The smuggler fell for it, and took a good gulp of the poison. With the poison slowly draining the life from his body, he became much more cooperative. He even lowered the price of his precious charm. All of a sudden he was willing to sell it for the small vial with the antitode. I could have let him die of course, but the humiliation of him giving me his precious charm in exchange for his wretched life was more satisfying. I now have the charm and can make my way to the Crystal Caves at the center of the island.

Lethal Crystal

While looking for the Crystal Caves, I encountered some Dryads and had to kill them. After a while, the Queen of the Dryads showed up and said that enough blood had been spilt. In return for a promise to not kill any more Dryads, she showed me the path to the Crystal Caves. Too bad, I was starting to enjoy myself.

I finally arrived at the Crystal Caves. There I encountered the Facetteleon who insisted on being slain. Now the entrance to the caves is clear.

Inside the caves, I found the key for the magic shield that cloaks the hub. Now that it's unveiled, I can continue my way to the Wastelands.

Chapter 10 - Wastelands

The Wastelands

According to the Inquisitor I met, the key mechanism is located on top of the hill. The troups of the Grand Inquisitor have conquered the hill and they are now defending it against the troops of Liosilath. The Inquisitor told me to fight my way through the battlefield and climb the hill.

An Inquisitor was fighting against a Seraphim. The winged creature slew him and then attacked me. I had no choice but to clip her wings. Now I must continue my way to the machine if I want to finally finish this.

The Great Machine

The Grand Inquisitor said that my job is over and demanded the key. I refused to give it to him, telling him that I'm not longer his servant. He attacked me and I killed him, while his guards were running away like frightened little rabbits. Now nothing can stop me from achieving my destiny! It's time to enter the Great Machine and see what power awaits me...

I must open the gates using the key!

The key fit into the Lock! Now I will finally see the inside of the machine.

Once inside this machine I encountered four hideous creatures. Evidently, they had been created to guard the machine. The fight was tough but I emerged victorious. Hopefully the way is clear now.

The power of the machine is mine alone now. MINE!

Shadow Campaign End