Sacred 2:Sudden Fury

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This unique fist weapon will only drop if you have the Community Patch installed.

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Item Modifiers


  • Lore: "It is unknown who forged this blade. The likes of it appeared in Tyr Lysia, but never became popular enough to become a military issue weaponry. Nevertheless, one renegade elven battlemaster decided to employ the special features of bladed fistweapons and created a martial art that would hundreds of years later evolve into traditional blade combat of the Dark Elves. Being smaller and lighter than traditional swords, this blade have smaller reach and can not deal as much damage, but allow for faster attacks and greater chance to hit the enemy. Because they make close combat even more close up and personal, bladed fistweapons became popular among aggressive fighters who seek to vent out their fury rather than to keep the safe distance."
  • This item that serves as the basis of this weapon's design can be seen as a huge decorative element for Tyr Lysia dungeons and battlegrounds. It was remodelled into a weapon of a proper size and proportions. The weapon is named after a Dark Elf combat move from Sacred: Underworld, and the bonuses are similar to the properties of that Combat Art.