Sacred 2:The Archangel Seraphim build, And the heavens shall tremble...

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The Archangel Seraphim build, And the heavens shall tremble...

By Barristan

CURRENT build level 160 (testing completed)

Looking for a very versatile character? One that makes use of everything the Seraphim has to offer. Using all three aspects effectively. Is a mass-mob killer, but also capable of doing humongous single-target damage both magic and melee-wise. Prone to being invincible at players choice. Then this kind of build could just be what you are looking for. The 'Archangel'-Seraphim build! Sounds good? Well... keep reading....

When I first started playing Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel, I was immediately drawn towards the Seraphim.... I still am for that matter.

Problem was, that there were so many opportunities, skills and Combat Arts to the Seraphim, that I was never able to combine them all, into the build that was perfect for me. The Combat Arts were spread along all 3 aspects, which posed a challenge. Following skills/Combat Arts needed to be in my allround build -Dual Wielding -Divine Protection -Flaring Nova -Radiant Pillar -Hallowed Restoration (regen modded) -Pelting Strikes -Soul Hammer -Dashing Alacricity (+casting AND +attack speed... for a Hybrid? are you kidding me! 2biggrin.gif) -Archangel's Wrath

Now, however, I think I have found a way. Main reasoning behind this: -Armor lore mastery -Tougness mastery

All in order to get as much Damage Mitigation as possible. This will ensure that we do NOT need another defensive skill such as Combat Reflexes or Spell Resistance.

  1. 1 Skill Choices
  2. 1.1 Mastering Skills
  3. 2 Stat Allocation
  4. 3 CA Modification
  5. 3.1 Rune reading
  6. 4 Playstyle
  7. 5 Gear Setup

Smoke rises from the battlefield. Debris strewn across battered remains. Out of the smoke steps an angelic figure. Surveying the carnage, she speaks softly to herself:"Beware all thou who respresent evil, for the Archangel now walks the plains of Ancaria!"

      • The Archangel*** Semi-buffer, All purpose Seraphim build
  1. 1
      • Skill choices***

1. Tactics Lore (75+) 2. Exalted Warrior Focus (75) 3. Dual Wield (75) 4. Celestial Magic Focus (75) 5. Armor Lore (75+) 6. Constitution (75) 7. Revered Technology Lore (75) 8. Revered Technology Focus (75) 9. Toughness (75) 10. Celestial Magic Lore (75) + means a skill I would pump after mastering all others

NB. A note on survivablity in Ice & Blood. At the moment I am still confident that she will be fine after resocketing gear. Should that not be the case, rebuild could be done with changing Celestial Lore. Damage done by the Pillar IS nice, but it's the effects we're after primarily. Choices that come to mind with the expansion: - Ancient Magic -Combat Discipline -Extra defensive skill

Mastering Skills

At level 75, it is important to have at least some masteries. Revered Technology Lore is a primary example, for your nova is one of the main sources for damage. At least for me it is, you could use any skill from any tree as your main damage, act accordingly. Besides RTL, I would go for armor lore Mastery and Toughness Mastery asap. They are your main line of defense, untill your semi-buffer combo is useable.

From there (75 - 200), you can easily build out other skills. Leave Celestial for last. It's damage turned out to be quite nice, but has least priority. Also, if you're thinking of another skill, this would be the one to replace.

  1. 2
      • Stat Allocation***

level 1-50 Went all out Vitality level 50-60 All Intelligence level 60-90 75% Intelligence/25% strenght level 90-130 50% Vit 50% Stamina. level 130-200 25% strenght, 25% Intelligence, 50% Stamina

  1. 3
      • CA modification***

The Exalted Warrior Tree

-Battle Stance: main, and only real, Buff Bronze: Premonition; Further increase attack value. (12.5% + 2.5% per CA level increase) Silver: Drill; Reduces the energy cost of Battle Stance. (1-1/(1+(50+1*calvl)/1000) percent reduced; ~5% at CA-level 1, ~6% at CA-level 10, ~9% at CA-level 50) Gold: Retaliation; Small chance to reflect close combat damage. (~20% chance, increases slightly with each CA level)

-Soul Hammer Bronze: Aim - Increases the chance to land critical hits. (19.8% + 0.2% per CA level) Silver: Battering - Temporarily reduces the target's armor class. (100 + 1.5 per CA level decrease (guess)) Gold: ?

-Pelting Strikes Bronze: Succession - Chance for double hit. (20% chance) Silver: Focus - Reduces the cost for this CA Gold: Precision - Increases the chance to land critical hits. (9.9% + 0.1% per CA level chance)

-Dashing Alacricity Bronze: Bloodlust - Further increases attack (AND casting) speed. (10% + 0.3% per CA level) Silver: Delay - Increase the duration of Dashing Alacrity. (50% increase) Gold: Impatience - Reduces the cooldown of Dashing Alacrity. (33.3% decrease)

      • The Celestial Magic Tree***

-Radiant Pillar Bronze: Delude or Hypnosis - Both seem viable, with Hypnosis a probable winner at higher level grinding Silver: Brightness - Increases the area of effect. (33.3% increase) Gold: Magnify - Increase damage of Radiant Pillar. (35.7% increase (guess))

-Hallowed Restoration Bronze: Recuperation - Temporarily increases the hitpoint regeneration effect. (20hp/s + 40hp/s per CA level healed) Silver: Master Healer - Decreases the regeneration time of this spell. (1-1/(1+(500+10*calvl)/1000) percent decrease; ~34% at CA-level 1, ~38% at CA-level 10, 50% at CA-level 50) Gold: Antidote - Reduces the duration of all impediment and wound effects. (1-1/(1+(200+5*calvl)/1000) percent decrease; ~17% at CA-level 1, 20% at CA-level 10, ~31% at CA-level 50)

      • The Revered Technology Tree***

-Divine Protection Bronze: Capacity - Divine Protection lasts 50% longer. (50% increase) Silver: Boost - Reduces shield's recharge(cooldown) time. (50% + 1% per CA level decrease) Gold: Improved Mirror - Increases the chance to reflect spell damage. (50% + 1% per CA level chance)

-Flaring Nova Bronze: Impulse - Sends out two pulses, but reduces strength and area of effect. (+1 pulse. -30% damage reduction) Silver: Stun - Chance to stun opponents within range. (19.8% + 0.2% per CA level chance) Gold: Flux - Damage increase

-Archangels Wrath Bronze: Salvo - Fires two successive bolts, each with slightly reduced damage. (+1 projectile) Silver: Lock - The fire bolts will seek their targets Gold: Vulnerable - Increases the chance to land critical hits. (19.8% + 0.2% per CA level chance) While the animation on firing AW while dual wielding looks nice, the better option is to have a non-lore two-hander in the second weapon slot, to bring down them bosses, or use the cookie-cutter BFG weapon.

Rune reading

You cannot read too much runes into Battle Stance, Dashing Alacricity or Divine Protection. The more, the merrier 2biggrin.gif Being your buffs and semi buffs. At level 161, I think I have some 500 runes into BS, and 600 into DP, and 300 into DA. I would advise to keep the Combat Arts at 1 rune read, untill the regen time of the combo drops below ~2,5 seconds. At level 161, I don't think I have over 25 runes in any combat CA. Their lvls being close to 100 from gear anyway.

  1. 4
      • Playstyle***
      • Combo's***

Buffer-combo Divine Protection > Dashing Alacricity A few notes are needed. In order to call these two Combat Arts semi-buffs, the duration needs to exceed the cooldown time. As far as I can see, this will happen at ~CA level 75. After this, chain casting this combo will greatly enhance this seraphim's capability and defense. A big bonus to this combo is, that you can start reading all the runes you want. Semi-buffs do not increase regen times for other Combat Arts

If you wonder why this combo, or Dashing alone for that matter is important? It enhances both the melee and the casting speed! A Hybrid seraphim, boosted by this skill is an awesome speed-killing-machine.

Pre-attack Combo Radiant Pillar > Hallowed Restoration Having this combo as 'pre-attack' makes the seraphim pretty much invulnerable the first 50 lvls. (need more lvls to test even further) The HP-regen is so fast, that atm it seems comparable to the Dryad's Goldenglade. Minor drawback is the short duration. This however can be easily helped, by keeping combo regen under ~3 seconds. After launching the Flaring combo, simply recast.

N.B. There are certain situations where Hallowed just won't cut it. It is all great and fine for grinding. Don't put your toon in the balance and think it will save you anywhere, anytime. DP should also be kept up.

Attack/Crowd Control-Combo Flaring Nova > Pelting Strikes Keep regen. under ~3 seconds

Alternative..... solo Flaring Nova

Boss fights Bring out a non-lore two-hander and blast away! - Best option sofar is Lorgar's sword

  1. 5

Gear Setup

Using all four CA slots: 1. Nova>Pelting 2. Pillar>Hallowed 3. DP>Dashing 4. Boss-killing slot.... either AW or SH>Pelting, depending on how to best exploit the boss' weakness.

Weapon Slots: 1. Nr 1 choice... Dual Kal'durs... socket with some nice Dblow and other stats of your choice... It's the native stats and gold slots on these that make em so great and versatile! 2. Dual Nlovae's Mystery 2biggrin.gif For increasing the CA range on Nova and -regen time 3. Lorgar's sword, the AW boomstick-replacement 4. Booster Slot

Armor: -Rare armor with stacked damage mitigation -Holy Protection (I always use the Holy Protection, I love this armor 2biggrin.gif) Shoulders: -Rare shoulders with stacked damage mitigation -Niokastes Shoulders -Shoulders of the Seraish Wings: -Endijian's Wings Bracers Wristguards of the Dusk Legguards Sofia's Protection Sash Sofia's Benevolence/Endijian's set Boots: Endijian's boots

Or read here and go one of the other paths

There are two unique Amulets that can provide some further Damage Mitigation, them being: -Darwargon's Circlet -Tanit's Collar (you can use these, the extra DM is not that much.... choose other socketing options when you do not need more DM)

Overall... it is very possible to get 100% Damage Mitigation. The real question is... Do you want to? Test yourself: Dobri's Celeste; test for full DM


Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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