Sacred 2:The Catalyst

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This unique fist weapon will only drop if you have the Community Patch installed.

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Item Modifiers


  • This item was originally created for the Community Items Mod, where the design was inspired by fist weapons from Torchlight 2. The design was changed when this item was brought into CM Patch 1.50. The original design can be restored by installing the current Community Items Mod on top of the CM Patch.

Restored Item Design
  • Design Notes: "A thin metal frame with electrolysed crystals gathered by Seraphim scientists from remains of Ice Elementals might not look like a weapon. But it makes for a good one. This tool was originally created to be used as a catalyst in alchemical experiments, but turned into a weapon when rampant stone creatures burst into the laboratory and the scientist had nothing more handy. At this moment, it was discovered that the catalystic properties of the crystals affect not only the chemicals in test tubes, but also those inside the body of a person who holds the tool. The Catalyst is capable of speeding up all processes inside its wielder's body, allowing for much greater speed of movement and combat action - up to the point when the wielder manages to strike twice in nearly the same time. Needless to say, it was never used as a lab tool again."