Sacred 2:The Dual Wield Intelligence Staff Nature Dryad, A Video Guide to Super Power

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The Dual Wield Intelligence Staff Nature Dryad, A Video Guide to Super Power

By Viper007

From SIF:

The Dual Wield INT Staff Dryad!

Update: 06/10/2009

I decided to edit the guide and add some more info in the thread to make things easier for people to follow. I did change some things in the new format that are different from the original video guide. If you have followed things since I first posted don't worry the original build works great. There is always a way to improve something.

  1. 1: Attributes.

- Strength: 0% - Stamina: 0% - Vitality: 0% - Dexterity: 0% - Intelligence: 100% - Willpower: 0%

  1. 2: Skills.

-Nature Weaver Lore 200 -Tactics Lore 75 -Dual Wield 10 -Nature Weaver Focus 200 -Concentration 51 -Combat Discipline 75 -Combat Reflexes 75 OR Spell Resistance 75 -Armor Lore 75 -Constitution 75 -Ancient Magic 75

  1. 3: Combat Arts and Modifications.

Aspect: Capricious Hunter

- Darting Assault. Read only 1 rune

  • Bronze: Reload
  • Silver: Wounding
  • Gold: Rotate

- Ravaged Impact. Read only 1 rune

  • Bronze: Perforate
  • Silver: Breach
  • Gold: Blast

- Sinister Predator. Read only 1 rune (the mods work with melee weapons)

  • Bronze: Eagle Eye
  • Silver: Marked Shot
  • Gold: Hunting Focus

Keep Darting Assault, Ravaged Impact, and SP at level 1 at all times. Do not use gear to increase the Combat Art's lvls on this asepct.

Aspect: Nature Weaver

- Acute Mind. Keep @ focus penalty level or higher. You can pump this Combat Art with lots of runes.

  • Bronze: Proficiency
  • Silver: Insight
  • Gold: Easiness (This is the mod that reduces the regen time for every Combat Art used)

- Tangled Vines. Read only 1 rune. Use gear mods to increase Combat Art level.

  • Bronze: Tendrils
  • Silver: Singe
  • Gold: Encroach (This mod gives you the ability to cause Area of Effect damage and hit more than 1 enemy.)

- Edaphic Lances. Read only 1 rune. Use gear mods to increase Combat Art level.

  • Bronze: Thorns
  • Silver: Stings
  • Gold: Singe (Either choice here is good but I prefer Singe)

- Goldenglade Touch. Keep @ focus penalty level

  • Bronze: Flow
  • Silver: Persevere
  • Gold: Diligence

- Ancient Bark. Read as many runes as possible without going over 50-60% regen penalty.

  • Bronze: Rugged
  • Silver: Divert
  • Gold: Invigorate

What does "Keep @ focus penalty level" mean?

Highest spell level without penalty. Try to keep these Combat Art's close to that level.

  1. 4: Weapons and Armor.

  • Weapon of choice: Nlovae's Mystery
  • Armor of choice: Leaves and Twigs and Tendils of Time
  • Rings/Amulets: +All Skills, Aspect: Nature Weaver

  1. 5: Playstyle
  • Mod Ancient Bark first
  • Stay away from fire damage. With bark on you take 20% more fire damage.
  • Attack Value / Chance to Hit is very important.
  • Use Hunter Combat Art combo for normal mobs and Nature Combat Art combo for bosses/tough champs.
  • Stay away from mobs with reflect.

Pay close attention to video when acute mind is active. The weapon damage jumps to 16k!! It is very easy to herd mobs and just kill them all with acute mind + hunter combo....rinse and repeat when acute mind is available again. You can still kill mobs with 1-2 swings without acute mind but I find it faster to herd and kill a lot of enemies at once. You might want to try out the Area of Effect from Tangled Vines also. It can be a lot of fun seeing 10 enemies vined at once then dead 3 seconds later.

  1. 6: Videos. Work in Progress (I will be posting new videos as soon as possible)

Here is the OLD video....Enjoy:


Boss Killah Video. Kral Dies in 2 seconds:


Video's of Chrona Destroying everything in his path:




Chrona's Damage and Armor @ level 115:


Damage: 84,500-98,500 Armor: 108,000


(Special thanks to Chrona for helping me tweak this build) ^^

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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