Sacred 2:The Earth-Shaker

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This unique javelin will only drop if you have the Community Patch installed.

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Item Modifiers


  • This item was originally created for the Community Items Mod, where it was a recreation of the spear of the same name from Titan Quest. The design was changed when this item was brought into CM Patch 1.50. The original design can be restored by installing the current Community Items Mod on top of the CM Patch.
  • In Greek mythology, "Earth-Shaker" was one of epithets of the Sea God Poseidon, which referred to his ability to cause earthquakes. As Poseidon's customary weapon is a trident, and his very name is commonly associated with all things marine, this spear appears trident-like, but is actually made in a form of a lobster-like creature.

Restored Item Design