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The Shaman Warrior - Generalist Two Hander

By Chareos Rantras

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The Shaman Warrior, using a big sword or staff & enhanching his abilities with worshipping the gods, riding a horse, emblazoning his armor with runes, make special potions & herbs and making sure he takes a look behind every tree for some goodies.


Okay this is the deal, I was a bit bored with my normal Death Warrior / malevolent dual wielder Shadow Warrior that I came up with a challenge that would keep me busy until Ice & Blood is in the stores. The key to this build is having fun & being a Generalist, this means you take EVERY general skill there is, in our case that is:

1. General Skills

PRIMARY (the ones you can pick immediatly):

Riding Grants the ability to ride better horses, reduces regeneration penalty while mounted, and unlocks special abilities.

Blacksmith Allows the player to socket items and exclusive enhancements without having to use a Blacksmith.

Divine Devotion Improves regeneration of the Divine Gift (God spell) and unlocks some additional attributes.

SECONDARY (needs 5 points in one of the primaries to unlock these)

Alchemy Enhances the effectiveness of all potions and allows use of certain consumables.

Enhanced Perception Increases chance of "seeing" invisible monsters and "magical hiding places."

Taking all of the general skills seems like a waste at first but it will enhance our adaptibilty to different situations. I have to admit that riding & divine devotion arent very special imo but we want to be a GENERALIST for the challenge & the fun. If you want a more smoother build then you'd better not pick Riding & Divine Devotion

2. Skill choices


2: Tactics Lore 3: Armor Lore 5: Sword Weapons 8: Death Warrior Focus 12: Constitution/Toughness or another defensive skill if you're comfortable with Grim Resilience BUFF as your only health boost. 18: Blacksmith 25: Alchemy 35: Enhanced Perception 50: Riding 65: Divine Devotion

"HARDCORE GENERALIST" SETUP (this doesn't mean you have to use it in the hardcore gamestyle, you'd better test it in softcore first):

2: Blacksmith 3: Alchemy 5: Enhanced Perception 8: Riding 12: Divine Devotion 18: Armor Lore 25: Tactics Lore 35: Sword Weapons 50: Death Warrior Focus 65: Defensive Skill

TBH I haven't tested the Hardcore Generalist setup yet, I'll update the guide if I do, I just felt that starting with some boosting skills will help thro the first levels so you can pick the general skills later on to improve them. Tips & suggestions are always welcome.

3. Combat Arts

Heavy concentration on the Death Warrior tree altho you want to use Frenzied Rampage for extra attacks with 2hand swords.

One and only buff is Grim Resilience. Pump it hard! You can't go wrong on the other Combat Art's, take a look at the other Shadow Warrior guide's for mods etc.


As you can see this guide is far from complete, you should look at it as a draft of an idea, it's not fully tested & suggestions & tips are always welcome. I would like to ask to the pro's out there to think of which skills to master first etc... for both setups, that would be really welcome!


I'll thank all of The Sacred 2 Community (including D.a.r.k matters).

The General skill description were taken from the SacredWiki.

Also take a look at this thread for more info about characters with 5 general skills: General skills characters

NOW I'm gonna grab some more cookies and head of testing!

cheers! Chareos Rantras

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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