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Twin Boneslicers, The benefits of Dual Wielding Sword Weapons

By Antitrust

People still consider that Sword/Hafted skills while Dual Wielding are not worth the skill slot. Here are some arguments in favor of Dual Wielding weapons that can really make use of both skills.


How does a Boneslicer compare to other weapons?

Technically, other weapons can usually be slightly better, damage and socket-wise. The illusionary drawback of a Boneslicer is its low item level. You can find and use weapons of much higher level early on. With a level 75 seraphim, I received level 78 Boneslicers, while she can already use weapons with level 95.

Here is an example, the popular Officer's saber along with the Boneslicer:

officers_saber95.png boneslicer78_single.png

The Officer's Saber seems to outdamage and outsocket the Boneslicer. This is not entirely correct. Sure, you can socket +all skills amulets in Officers (+4-5 each at these character levels) to equal the Boneslicer's skill bonus. That leaves you with just one slot for other bonuses. Not that impressive, especially since Boneslicer has built-in modifiable bonuses that increase without the need to socket any skill bonuses.

Here is how the bonus looks like with two Boneslicers equipped (+18 offensive skills):


That's level 86 Sword Weapons skill, with just one hard point (having a few skill bonuses already equipped). 17.6% chance to disregard armor, 35.2% Chance to halve regeneration time (they seem to stack with diminishing returns), +18 to Tactics Lore and Dual Wield. None too shabby. This allows the use of significantly higher Combat Arts and Buffs.


In practice, two Boneslicers are hardly inferior to other weapons. Even unsocketed, the above Boneslicer slot does more damage than my current main weapon slot (which is more than enough already). Maybe it's not the "best" option available, but it's definitely not worse, and a lot cooler than many of them.

A build can be made around Boneslicers, with even higher potential. The Undead Legion Quest can be completed in 25-60 minutes, providing a steady supply of Boneslicers. Other weapons need to be found, which doesn't always happen when you need it. Boneslicers provide a decent weapon choice to people that didn't take Bargaining. People can invest in Sword Weapons instead of Bargaining, and still be able to fully use some of the nastiest swords in the game

This is why Sword Weapons is not a waste when used with Dual Wield. Other weapons with modifiable bonuses can be just as nice. Decent bonuses for not too high investment, this does open a lot of possibilities.

Plus, many weapons with unlockable bonuses look much cooler than the usual power-gaming ones. I'm sick of seeing sabers... I hope I can find two Quetzal's First Strike, but what are the odds?

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.