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Ulf Winkelmann is one of the Ascaron employees that have to be contacted in the Epic Office Quest. He can be found on the porch of the house in Crag Rock, on the far east side of Artamark.


  • Ulf Winkelmann can be located in Artamark.
  • From Lars house, swing back around the coast and follow the rocky area to the first ruin entrance on your left. You will need to go up and across a bridge to get there. There is a quest giver outside the cave for the Monster in a cave quest. I have not tried going through the cave without taking the quest, it may be a required quest. You need to go into this cave and out the other side into a canyon to find Ulf Winkelmann. Killing the Banshee should give you some nice items. Once outside the cave, go down to the stream, cross the bridge and follow the path up to a cabin. This employee will be standing just outside.
  • Locate Ulf Winkelmann on the Ancaria Interactive Map



  • Ulf Winkelmann is one of the Ascaron employees that are scattered throughout Ancaria.