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In Wantanor Memorial you can find the below services. See Map Icons:

The Wantanor Memorial is located in central Nor Plat: The Orc Region just west of the village of Sloptok. Wantanor was probably the greatest of of all Ogre warriors. Orcs are generally lazy by nature, so for them to erect this kind of shrine then Wantanor must have been truly impressive.

Locate Wantanor Memorial on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's


Monolith in Sloptok and head west.

Portal in Entruag and head northwest or portal in Za'Zuruik and head northeast.

For those playing in Multi-player Mode, the Starting Isle portal will teleport you right next to the memorial. Check out the Sacred 2 Map of Ancaria for location of portals and end destinations.


Orc enemies of every type though Ogre Shamans seem to be in higher concentrations here than elsewhere in Nor Plat: The Orc Region.

Interesting Photos

Epitaph #1
Epitaph #2
Statue Inscription