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Flix - Avid gamer, Sacred-lover and Wiki-worker

Flix's upcoming projects:

  • Correct all the red links and missing info/pics on the set items pages.
    • Lumen's Set needs to be updated for the 5th armor piece that was added
    • Shrunken heads has a LOT of missing entries/red links
  • Work on various Items Modifiers pages - add info and pics if applicable. Add Links to any relevant Combat Arts, Skills, Items.
  • Fill in all those missing/red links on the Game Options Menu pages.
  • Add some general/PC info to the Hero Chest page.
  • Add pictures of the danger class rings to Enemy Levels page.
  • Add info/pics about enemy combat arts and buffs to Bestiary.
  • Work on Regions/Places pages (on hold until further notice).
  • Improve cross-referencing links site-wide (ongoing, long term goal)