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Improved Template:Languages

Comparison page



  • Improved alignment and margins of the layout.
  • Optimized the CSS styles and the HTML output.
  • Usage of <bdi> tags prevents some hypothetical multilanguage problems.
  • Added additional default empty values for parameters.
  • Localizated the Language: string.


Additional testing should be performed.


I don't understand the point of creating external links with uselang property. Since there is not enough localized pages, the mediawiki interface language just keeps changing back and forth to English.

I think it would be beneficial to use wikilinks. Internal links don't open new windows, the URLs are prettier and self-links appears as bold text.

Usage of TOC templates

The abomination below should be replaced with {{TOC right}}.

<div style="float:right;">
{|style="margin:0px 0px 5px 10px;"

{{TOCright}} is too obsolete and should NOT be used. Thankfully it appears only on a few standard MediaWiki pages.

By the way, __TOC__ isn't supposed to be placed in a table. Otherwise it get swollen due to the border-spacing table property and the display: table-cell property of the .tocnumber, .toctext classes.