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The Daemon is a creature of the underworld, a sinister and eerie character. She musters dark magic and she is able to transform into several types and shapes of demons. Each shape allows the Daemon a different style of attack, usually in combination with an additional magic ability. All demon types are apt close combat fighters who prefer to wield demonic swords. However, the Daemon will be able to wield any weapon in close combat. The Daemon can be played as a powerful close combat fighter using enhancing auras or she can be played as an equally powerfull sorceress.

The Daemon is a hybrid spellcaster/melee warrior character. Her spells are offensive in focus, designed to damage opponents and enhance her attack capabilities in combat. Her starting statistics - Strength and Mental Regeneration being the highest - lean towards a spellcaster that transforms into a killing machine through her combat forms and spells. The Daemon's melee prowess is linked to her forms...without her forms, she lacks any special attacks in melee combat.

It is important to note that both the Daemon's forms and attendant special attacks are considered Combat Arts (more on the mechanics of her CAs later). What follows is a brief review of each form, and the special attack offered by each one.

Fire Daemon - The Daemon assumes her fire form. She enjoys a boost to fire resistance while transformed. A percentage of physical damage she inflicts is translated into fire damage. While in her fire form, the Wall of Fire attack becomes available. This ranged attack creates a roaring wall of flames at the target destination, i.e., where you click the mouse button. She tosses the Wall of Fire as a bouncing orb of fire...opponents in the way of this fireball will receive fire damage. Imagine this orb as a red-hot grenade, and you will have the perfect visual.

Energy Daemon - The Daemon assumes her magical form. She enjoys a boost to magical damage resistance while transformed. A percentage of physical damage she inflicts is translated into magical damage. While in this form, the Energy Orb attack becomes available. The Daemon unleashes multiple orbs of energy from herself that inflict magic damage on her opponents. The higher the Energy Daemon level, the more orbs she unleashes with the attack.

Poison Daemon - The Daemon assumes her poison form. She enjoys a boost to poison damage resistance while in this state. Like the other forms, a percentage of her physical damage is translated into poison damage. While in this form, the Poison Ring attack becomes available. With this attack, the Daemon unleashes an expanding ring of poison which damages opponents in her immediate vicinity. The radius of the poison ring is static, and does not increase with the CA level.

Battle Daemon - The Daemon assumes a powerful physical form. She enjoys a boost to physical damage resistance while transformed. Unlike her other forms, Battle Daemon adds damage to her attacks (in accordance with the nature of the form, the additional damage is physical). It also increases her attack rating in combat. The form's special attack is called Assail, which resembles the Attack CA of other Sacred characters.

Soaring Daemon - The Daemon can fly through use of this form. This enables her to navigate many obstacles that earth-bound characters cannot cross. While in her Soaring Daemon form, she enjoys a bonus to movement speed, and a bonus to her defense rating. While transformed, the Descent attack becomes available. The attack is ranged and may occur virtually anywhere on the screen with a click of your mouse. When committed, the Daemon dive-bombs her target and executes a Hard-hit attack that features splash damage to all targets in the radius of effect. This attack is extremely powerful and upon its use, the Daemon reverts to her ordinary form.

Very Important: Notes Regarding Forms and Their Special Attacks

  • Forms cannot stack, nor can they be used concurrently.
  • The Daemon can cast one of her forms (except for Soaring Daemon) upon any member of her party in sight. However, her selection is limited to any form she is not currently in. In other words, if she is in Fire Daemon form, she can bestow any form upon any party member except for Fire Daemon (and Soaring Daemon) form. She can never cast Soaring Daemon on anything or anyone except herself.
  • The party member receiving a Daemon form cannot use any of the special attacks associated with the form. They benefit from the additional elemental resistance only. They also enjoy a cool makeover which consists of colored twirling light-thingies, and a radical-looking mowhawk.
  • When you select a Daemon Form from your CA bar at the bottom right of your screen, the CA icon will then change to represent the Form's special attack. When your transformation expires, the icon will revert to the Daemon Form CA once again.
  • There is no skill or statistic which accelerates the "casting times" for both the forms, and their special attacks. These remain static. The Physical Regeneration statistic, along with the Concentration skill, reduces the regeneration time for the Forms and their special attacks as they do with the combat moves of other Sacred characters.

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