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Latest SacredWiki and Sacred 2 Game News

Sacred - New Portal! August 16th/10 The new portal page for SacredWiki and DarkMatters is here! Nickolas James, a member at DarkMatters, recruited to create the new site,stormed through the setup and webmastered the new portal to life in a few days with a few special finishing touches by Schot. Visit the new portal here at!

More Sacred 2 Character slots for £1.50 ! Get 'em while you can! 3 slots to add to your collection of characters for Sacred 2! It's a good deal for anyone that already has Sacred 2 Gold. There's great convenience when you have a ton of slots and a shared stash... bargaining rocks. Pick 'em up now at Sacred 3

Community Patch for Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Ice & Blood - Mar 30th 2010

From a German fan and moderator of the Official Sacred 2 Forum comes an amazing new Patch for Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Ice & Blood. Find out all about the cool things this patch contains and enjoy! Read more here...

Sacred 3 planning announced! August 21st/09 Anca, from the Sacred International Forum has just announced that Deep Silver owns the brand and are planning on creating Sacred 3.

Dear Community,

As Deep Silver confirmed today, they are now the owner of the brand "Sacred" and plan to create a Sacred 3 (working title) in the future. This thread should collect community suggestions for Sacred 3. The ideas will be forwarded to the devs as soon as Deep Silver decides who will create the game. What do you think, will Sacred 3 be like Sacred 2 or completely different? What would you like to have in the new game and what kind of game could you imagine? Read more here

Special Christmas Island Bosses Video courtesy of Erling

SacredWiki:News/Sacred 2 Ascaron Double Feature! Patch 2.34 and Ladder December 17th/08 The new patch has just been released along with a brand new Christmas Island Quest, winter zone, new sets for all classes and new enemies. Read more about it here. You can also read the complete walk through guide with all pix and information regarding all new available sets, landscape and enemies here on SacredWiki. Get your own snowball thrower now before they all melt away!

New Sacred 2 Interactive Map of Ancaria! November 15thth/08 Leveraging google API and Maplib technology, it is the first and largest English world map Map of Sacred 2. A project that was two months in the making, it has finally been released today on SacredWiki. The new map features ultra-high detailed scaling which allows the viewer to choose from between a bird's eye view of Ancaria or to zoom in for revealing close-ups which will help a hero plan their next adventure in the realm. Read more here

Sacred 2 English Demo now available. September 29th/08 The mighty Seraphim, one of the six playable and powerful characters featured in the full game. Explore the expansive and beautiful High Elf region, one of twelve regions that will be available in the full game and comprise the more than 22 square miles of Ancaria’s lush environment. Play through several quests in the Light campaign and encounter amazing mythical beasts, while the full game features parallel Light and Shadow campaigns encompassing hundreds of hours of gameplay and over 500 quests. Level up the Seraphim and customize her combat arts to unleash furious attacks on her enemies (the demo will allow leveling to 10, while the full game allows characters to over level 200). Download the new demo (2GB) from the following mirrors - Read more here

SacredWiki Featured Article

The Survival Bonus is quite likely the most complex factor to do with any of the 7 character classes. If you can make it through as many levels as possible without dying, you will gain significant bonuses to damage, drops and overall improved efficiencies with your character. An excellent in-depth article regarding one of Sacred 2's most important elements. Lesson of the day... protect your survival bonus!

SacredWiki's Featured Build on our Youtube channel:

High Damage Ice Elf Build

After the tremendous nerf to +All Skills and Deathblow, the challenge, after the release of Ice and Blood, was to create a purely magical build with no weapon lores or weapon combat arts that would be able to hammer down guardians while weathering their devastating assaults.

In Sacred did you know...

  • You can socket runes for important secondary effects that stack?
  • The more runes you read, the less that will drop as the game progresses?
  • You can defeat a group of Region Bosses if the kill counter reaches 999?
  • Ghost Meadow, if cast on another player, can reduce regeneration of their Combat Arts??
  • There is actually a unique axe that has 1 green socket?
  • The daemon is the only character who can't use the trading skill?
  • Skeleton skulls can be socketed into weapons and armor in Single Player Mode?
  • The Pure Water quest rewards you with a whiskey barrel that you can sell repeatedly?
  • Because seraphim CA's are mostly magic based, they make excellent undead killers?
  • Everytime you load up the Sacred game a new random Silly Message will appear?
  • Cataract of Agility will actually increase the Battle Mage's casting speed?
  • Mounts (Horses) in Sacred are another way of adding more healthpoints to your character?
  • While the Dwarf cannot use a horse, he can run up to a speed of 260?
  • The Vampiress can raise one of her freshly killed dragons to fight for her?