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Chance to halve regeneration time

This bonus will produce a chance of reducing the final regeneration time of a Combat Art by 50%. Very useful for high level Combat Arts that have a long regeneration time.


This bonus applies to the total regeneration time of a Combat Art, after all other bonuses/penalties from buffs/equippment/etc are calculated. It is applied at the time of casting.

Instead of the usual 12 o'clock:

Halve regen 1.png

The timer of the CA will start at 6 o'clock:

Halve regen 2.png


Chance to halve Regeneration time can appear on amulets, gloves, Seraphim wings (additional info can be added here).

This modifier is available on the following weapon types as a blue modifier:

It appears on the following unique items:

It also appears on the following set items:

This modifier is available on the following Legendary as a blue modifier:

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