Sacred 2:The Poison Lord

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Quick Walkthrough

  • Talk to Lynimenda
  • Defeat the Poison Lord

Detailed Walkthrough

You will encounter Lynimenda as soon as you ford the shallow water connecting D'Ary to the mainland. She warns you of the Poison Lord and hints she wants you to kill him.


Kill the "Poison Lord"!

Welcome adventurer! Watch out if you are traveling east. The Poison Lord rules there. He is the king of his element and he is extremely dangerous. I would be so relieved if someone took care of that menace.


The Poison Lord is on the far northeast corner of the island. He will not attack until you introduce yourself.


You traveled too far. Your journey ends here and it ends painfully!


Win the fight and the quest is complete.

Quest Enemies

Poison Lord

Damage Types:

Weakest against:

Immune to:

Quest:The Poison Lord

Quest Location: D'Ary in Dyr Lain

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