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flamethrower.png Shoots a stream of liquid fire from his backpack. The fire sets any enemy on fire, but also dies down very quickly. The Dwarf utilizes his cannon as a Flame Thrower, setting all targets within a cone in front of him on fire. Opponents suffer fire damage every second they are immolated. As the Flame Thrower's levels are increased, the duration of this burn increases, as does the damage it inflicts. Although it possesses a limited range, the Flame Thrower is extremely powerful.

Usage Strategies

Round up your enemies and position yourself in front of them to hit them all. Careful not to get caught by an enemy at your back.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional Damage
  • Has the burning bone effect which causes extra damage


  • Execution is somewhat long and you cannot move while executing. Switch your weapon slot to work around this problem. Execution time is reduced by Weapon Technology.
  • This Combat Art does not stack. If you execute another Flame Thrower before the active one expires, it will have no effect

Damage Type(s): Fire

Stats Chart

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