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The table below delineates the normal skill availability for all character classes. If you have edited your Configuration File entry for Default Skills, then at level one, you will be able to select any two from the first nine skills listed.

Skill Availability Table by Character

Level 1 Magic Lore Weapon Lore Weapon Lore Weapon Lore Weapon Lore Magic Lore Weapon Lore Agility
Meditation Magic Lore Concentration Constitution Concentration Weapon Lore Vampirism Weapon Lore
Level 3 Fire Magic Meditation Trap Lore Weapon Technology Axe Lore Meditation Constitution Magic Lore
Earth Magic Dual Wielding Ballistics Dwarven Lore Dual Wielding Concentration Bloodlust Meditation
Water Magic Axe Lore Blade Combat Axe Lore Unarmed Combat Heavenly Magic Concentration Moon Magic
Air Magic Hell Power Dual Wielding Trading Ranged Combat Long-handled Weapons Sword Lore Ranged Combat
Weapon Lore Sword Lore Constitution Armor Sword Lore Sword Lore Axe Lore Concentration
Sword Lore Constitution Agility Ranged Combat Constitution Constitution Armor Constitution
Long-handled Weapons Concentration Disarming Concentration Armor Parrying Parrying Riding
Riding Long-handled Weapons Riding Parrying Agility Riding Disarming Long-handled Weapons
Level 6 Agility Agility Unarmed Combat Unarmed Combat Riding Dual Wielding Riding Trading
Level 12 Trading Riding Armor Sword Lore Disarming Armor Agility Sword Lore
Level 20 Constitution Armor Sword Lore Forge Lore Long-handled Weapons Ranged Combat Long-handled Weapons Armor
Level 30 Disarming Parrying Parrying Disarming Parrying Agility Trading Disarming
Level 50 Parrying Disarming Trading Agility Trading Trading Ranged Combat Parrying
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