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Only useable by Dryads, Blowguns are quite difficult to find. Enemies will only rarely drop them and the only occasionally show up in a merchant's inventory. All Blowguns share the same Ranged Weapon Lore unlockable modifiers, providing additional chances of triggering a Secondary Damage Effects or Chance to Slow Opponents by 25%.

Ranged Weapon Lore Modifiers for Blowguns

Item Level refers to the minimum level the item must be for the modifier to be able to appear. The item level 70 modifier requires Ranged Weapons mastery for it to be unlocked.

Item Level 1 25 70 - Requires Mastery
Modifier Chance for Secondary Damage Effects Chance to Slow Opponents by 25% Chance for Secondary Damage Effects

Note: The Mastery Unlock (Level 70) provides a lesser bonus than the level 1 bonus. However Energy Weapons do obtain the same bonus at Mastery and thus it may have the lesser values for this reason.

The Chance for Secondary Effect bonus is identical to the bonus provided by Damage Lore, increasing the chance of secondary damage effects. It currently displays the increase to all status effects however it only seems to trigger for damage types a player is currently using, unless they have other equipment with "{Chance for Burn|Chance for Freeze|Chance for Poison|Chance for Weaken} +xx.x%" equipped. This item modifier is typically found on jewelry.

Damage Types

  • Blowguns typically deal multiple types of damage. They will always deal some physical damage, however depending on the weapon they will also deal any of the other damage types. The most common types found have tended to be poison and the least common is fire. The additional damage types are not restricted to a single one at a time, a player may have blowguns that have multiple elemental damages, allowing for several different secondary damage effects being possible without any additional gear.


  • Moderate

Firing Speed

  • Fast

Projectile Speed

  • Instant

Projectile Path

  • Straight Line
  • Can be affected by terrain


  • Moderate
  • Does not appear to be capable of piercing targets.

Maximum number of sockets

  • Up to two gold sockets as well as the grey damage type socket.


In the game they are listed under three names:

  • Hollowshot
  • Blowpipe
  • Bamboo Pipe

Common Blowguns

Notable Blowguns

Unique Blowguns:

Legendary Blowguns:

Community Patch Unique Blowguns:

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